manjung3! yak3

hello. today im going to Manjung! yeah! at least i got somewhere to go for my holiday. hehe
im going to send my laptop to my roomate. He will back to Malacca directly. But me? Ill gotta use 2 bus (ti --> pudu --> malacca) to Malacca. It is difficult to bring my laptop in 2 journey..sob3 -_-

then i will go to teluk batik! yihaa...wanna swim..yak3 :D
i can't go early morning cause my mom said nobody take care of our house. Im lonely here. So ill go at 2pm.hehe
k k papaix ;)

bored! bored! bored!

 extremely bored now. Dont know what to do. Im on holiday for a week.
It's all about you...H1N1..sometimes i hate you, sometimes i like you because you made me on vacation. har8!!My gang is not around here. they are studying. Waaa~ n my rutine? on9 on9 on9 on9! so bored lah!
hope time will go faster. yiiha!! :D

Leader M

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad was born on 20 December 1925; also famous with nickname "Dr M”. As we know he is our fourth prime minister since 16 July 1981 until 31 October 2003. He led our nation going through to modernity and fast pace development makes our Malaysia listed as one of developing country list.

The greatest achievement that he did was maintaining the peace and harmony among the Malaysian. Malaysia is well known as multiple race country. It is not easy to maintain the harmony because there is no such country has multiple races and we don’t have the example to follow. Even though, he always been condemn and criticize because of his leading style; autocratic and same with cronyism, but he still continue his job as a Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

The thing that I really impress with him is he likes to be honest and open minded person. He manages to think what people don’t think. I absolutely proud of him because he had brings a lot of changes in Malaysia. For me, it is hardly to achieve this level in a short period but Dr. Mahathir did within 20 years.

Dr Mahathir was related with a lot of mega development in his era such as Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Twin Tower PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). All this make Malaysia very well known around the world especially when KLCC recorded in Guinness World Record as one of the tallest building in the world.

After retired, Dr. Mahathir becomes the hot topic over the world. Then he was called “Head of Malaysian Development. A greatest man which has make Malaysia as a modern country, peacefully and harmony. In Jun 2005, he was rewarded as ‘Tun” by Yang Dipertuan Agong for his achievement as a Prime Minister for 22 years.

In conclusion, I would like to say thank you Dr. M for your mastermind and took the Malaysia into the new world. I hope i can be just like you one day. Amin~

My Family and I ;)

Assalamualaikum and hello guys. A lot of my friends doesn't know me well as their friend. So, today im going to tell you a little bit about my family and I.. I hope after this there will be no more question about me and all of you can get to know me well because a good friend is not just ready to help, but also to understand their friend indeed. I love to make friends and i guess when we started a bond named 'friendship', the relation will last forever. Insyaallah.

Firstly im gonna tell you about myself. My name is Muhammad Nuraizat Bin Abdul Aziz. I was born on 10th February 1990 in Hospital Teluk Intan, Perak. My house is situated in Kampung Selabak, which there's lot of Javenese there. Because of that, many of my friends are Java. Grateful become their friends because at least i know how to speak in Java a bit. My hobby? I don’t have any fixed hobby. I do what i like when im free. Usually i'll fulfil my free time by hanging out with my bestfriends. Previously, i wanted to be an engineer. Unfortunately, my SPM’s result is not good enough for me to pursue in that field, so i decided to become an accountant. Im an exstudent of Penang Matriculation College. Now, im studying in UiTM City Campus in Malacca doing fine with my degree studies in accounting. I hope i can inspire people around me in future. Of course my idol and hero is my own father. A cheerful person, happy go lucky and talkactive. That's me. Childish? Maybe somtimes...That’s all what i can tell you about me. If you want to be my friends, just say hi coz im a little bit shy to start conversation actually.

My father’s name is Abdul Aziz Bin Mokhtar. He is 54 years old. He’s a Technician Road in Jabatan Kerja Raya Teluk Intan. He is a funny, responsible and supportive person. He married my mum, Normah Binti Mat Jeri in the year 1981. She is a lovely and caring mother. She’s a nurse in the hospital where i was born. She always take care of her child even she’s busy with her job in hospital. I love them very much. They are my inspiration. I hope i can pay their sacrifice by giving them my bachelor scroll one day.. Insyaallah.

Next, are my siblings turn. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. First is my eldest sister. She stays in Temerloh, Pahang with her hubby and her beloved baby. She’s a teacher. I call her Kakyong. Angah is my second sister. Now she’s working as a clerk in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. She always pretend as a mother when my mum go for working. What i don’t like about her is she always kept on mumble all day long to her sibling. Poor me... My big brother is Zuhad. But my family call him Baad. He loves superbike and sports car. He also can fix machinery things because he love to do that. He's just like a mechanic in our house. I remember when my motocycle broke down, he fixed it for me. Lucky i have Baad as my brother. The fourth child is me. Then i have a younger brother, i called him Amy. He got the longest name in my family. Ahmad Emirul Adzfar. He is crazy about computer. Especially pc games. I always play together with him and i loose. this doesn't mean that im weak, but i just give him a chance. Am i too kind for that? Lastly, my pampered youngest sister. Her name is Alia, but i called her Lia Waode because she love to watch indonesian dramas and films. I always play fool around her and she always get mad because of me. Now im far away from home, and i knew she miss me to disturb her life again. Why? Because when my mum called me, she said “waode miss u”. Whatever it is, i love my siblings very much and nothing can seperate our relation.

I hope all of you have know a little bit about my family and i... Im sorry if my writing is not good enough because im still studying. Any comment just tell me so that i can do better soon. If you have your own blog, add me up so that i can know you well. Its fair right? So thank you for reading my blog and thanks for being my friend. Have a nice day!



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