preparation!! huhu!

there is one week before raya
so poor..
not because i dont break the fast wif my family
i got mid test laa!!
mkn nak raye..makin byk plak test+assigment!! :E
my first test is eco..this sunday
then monday, law...
next is wednesday which is management study...huhuh!!!
thank god my math's lecture is a kind person
she let us to having our test after raya
har8 ;)
what im gonna do?
i feel so so so so so lazy to open the book...
why? don't know..huuu myb i got many many many many problem
but i pray to Allah
hope I pass the test with flying colours ;)
after raya
i got a lot of assigment to do
heee!! it means...
work!work!work!work!! haiyaaa
so i decided...
when im home..i'll will 'raya puas2'
i dont want to bring my book...
my mum said..if holiday, u holiday lah!when study..u study lah!
green light2...lalala..har8 ;)
so to all muslim especially my family,my teachers, my lectures, and my friend
appy eid mubarak
dunt forget to give me duit raye yah!
har8 ;)
k papaix



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