karnival moh belia 1 malaysia

hot event at teluk intan
lucky my holiday was extend
so dat i can attend this event..hihihi
so ma frenz out there, dun jelez ok! =D
i like motorshow and audio system tournament..
the rest, not intrested la sgt
haha..k tata


this is my 2nd plan on semester break
actually this is my plan with amir
we having a camping with our ex-primary school
we plan to Lata Kijang, but it quite dangerous
because its raining season
water will flow roughly and furiously
so next opportunity cost is
Kuala Woh, at Tapah =)
with 4 cars and 12 people
still enjoy ma..har8

trip to genting highland

Genting Highland Theme Park
morning :)

first world hotel
it's a xmas lah~

1st day in Genting Highland..cold3!!
go kart!
cockscrew! wee
illegal snap in snow world..ehehe

i went to Genting Highland from 10 to 11 dec
i went with my technic brash member
apek,apiz,ibe,and sapiq
its a nice trip and really2 crazy trip
because we plan the trip on night before we go
tomorrow at afternoon we just go in rushing
really2 cool place to holiday
i test all outdoor game
and the best game is cockscrew and space shoot
we try it twice
we have fun together.. :D



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