Pantai Puteri Melaka

this is zull...keheheeh


lompattt si katakk lompat..oinkk3 ;)

nyummmy...slurpp ;)

30 Jan 2010
it's a boring holiday actually
wat a boringg..just sitting in front of my tv
and watching kind a crappy programs..
then ajijal invited me to drink coconut shake at klebang last..we have plan to this weekend
actually this is my 2nd time go there
and i know the place is very popular
no wonder there a lot of customer there
and que like a roller coaster..
because their coconut shake is delicious
and situated near the main road to Klebang
after drink..we went to Pantai Klebang...
unfortunately..Pantai Klebang is under construction we decided to go Pantai puteri
'opportunity cost' ..we got same utilities if we go to Pantai Klebang
it's a very cool place to camping..and quite interesting..
plenty time together
so let's come here..yak3!!

apy bufday ma luvly mum =)

Tertanam naluri keibuan amat mendalam
Di jiwa insan yang mendambakan kebahagiaan
Oh... ibu
Di bahumu tergalas beban
Perjalananmu penuh rintangan
Kau titipkan kasih sayang
Sejujur pengorbanan
Tak ku nafikan
Di saat kita berjauhan
Rasa ingin ku berlari
Mendakapimu penuh girang
Bak si kecil kehilangan
Kau insan penyayang
Betapa ku merindu
Lembutnya belaian ibu
Membuatku terlena
Di wajah terlukis tenang
Debar di dada kau rahsiakan
Ku pastikan dikau aman
Dikurnia sejahtera
Tak ku lupakan
Di saat kita berjauhan
Rasa ingin ku berlari
Mendakapimu penuh girang
Bak si kecil kehilangan
Tiada aku tanpa ibu
Hanya (kau) satu didunia
Bertakhta dikau dijiwaku
Kau lah ibu yang tercinta
Kau insan pengasih
Betapa aku mengharap
Hadirnya restumu ibu
Membawaku ke syurga
Bersemi belaian kasih sayang nan berpanjangan
Darimu insan yang mendoakan kebahagiaan anak-anakmu
Oh... Ibu

'apy bufday Pn, Normah Bt. Mat Jeri'
may Allah bless you always
i'll do my best
to pay your sacrifice
and everything you did to me
hearts u always mak
always..forever ;)

climb3 to Ledang mountain

10 jan 2010
we went to gunung ledang
har8..unuexpected tripp
plus..not plan actually
it's quite intresting..
1st time i step on johor in my life..har8
btw..Gunung Ledang has full of nature beauty
hope authority side promote it to entire world
k daa~

back to Melaka! =)

my cat ;)
clearing my new home ;)

new sem begins~
got lot of work to do
feel so busyyy busyyyy and busyyy all da time divide my time in my new house
and my new study environment.. life, new home, new mood, new friends ;)
now i realize how to appreciate what are given to me
before this, i never used to care of my thing
since i bought all my stuff with my money, i felt different
really2 care bout my things...ngeee~ sayangggg la if brocken!!
what ever it new home is cooll...
for this month, i already spend about RM6++ to buy my furniture
and my needs...
too much money floww....waaa babai money! :((

3/1/'s my father bufday =)
he's already 54 years old..
appy bufday abah..i luv u so much...
hope Allah bless u..
what ever it is..
u r the best father in da world
u r different from others.. =)
n im proud to be ur son..
u r my idol..i want to be better than u
amin ;)



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