happy midsem aizat!

my BIL for this month! suxx!! babai moneyyy!!
my ADLI...hehe jgn nakal2..t ummi marah!

my bus is at 8pm..n i tot i'll arrive around 12
fortunately...arrived at home at 2am!! haiyoo
with delaying bus..grr mad me sick!
luckyly my friends, amir n ijan pick me up ;)
thxxx..so i treat them at Fazari Maju..kehehe ;)
dun't know what to do during this weekend
1 week with boring, boring and boring dayyyyy
i woke up just now..and i saw my luvlyy 'adli'
really2 miss him! wanna play with him! yak3
waa..he's grew up already
good news.. he got 2 new teeth..and the bad news is..
he loves to bite people who hold him! yennadei
means, it's getting harder to take care of him
but I'm a lovely uncle..(ewah)
so never mind lah!

dun want to be 20!!!

my friend's rabbit...a.k.a my luvly child..har8 ;)
thx shima,peep,zira,n aziee...come sgt aa..xsampe aty na mkn :D

appy bufday to me~~~~
10 feb..my age already 20 lorrr...
so means..im not teenagers anymore!! ngeee~~
my mum call at the morning..she wish to me and say..
haa skang anak mak da leh kawin dah..har8
ape kawin2 n..calon pn xde la mak! ;)
ihihi..thxx to my deareast friends who wish to me
really2 appreciate that..hihi
to my housem8 and my classm8 (boys only)
sedapp x aku blanje korg 1 ari n??? kehehe ;)
new ritual in Melaka, the bufday boy have to treat all their friends
aiyooo...dunia terbalik sudeyh..patot bufday boy la kene DI BELANJA
not KENE BELANJA..har8 but it's ok..bukan selalu la kan :D
credit to my friend who gave me a present...hihi
waaa maluuu laa da besaqq dpt adiahhh...aaaaa
hihihi all the present i will keep it as a memoryy :)
k thxx uu alll...

meet at midvalley

yay yay yay yay!! ;)
at last i meet ain,ekin and wan
they are my ex-classmate in Matriculation
we've plan about a months ago, and all this is my friend's idea..eika sub
unfortunately,,she can't attend..she got class on sunday..
adoiii laa..sorry eika..hope we will meet later...insyaallah ;)
i went to Mid with my classmate, afrah n Caeyy
naikk Vios..homaigottt..kete org tue..xremaje tul laa
xpe la..as long we can go the Mid..kehehe :D
we start the journey about 11.30am..after accounting Test 1..ayoyoyo
and arrived at mid about 2.30pm..using KTM
and that is my 2nd time using KTM in my life!! aaaa dun want take KTM anymore!
sempit!! packk like a sardine!! ngeee~~
we have fun together..shopping+eating!! hehehe
i bought a SEED tshirt..quite nice..kui3
like usual..ekin kuat mkn! dye mkn for 2 person..hek3 :D
ekin..dun b angry..just a joke ok~
and wan..taller than b4..myb he ate Calci-Yum myb?..har8
and Ain..look so sweet..hihi ;)
we chat until we can't chatt
har88...really exhausteddddddddddddd dayy
blik2 ja troz tidoo...nantoxx :D

welcome to Melaka, Dato' Seri Najib

this moment. i greed with him ..hehe

welcome to Melaka
1 day Melaka with our 1st leader in Malaysia
YAB Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak ;)
he came to my Campus. UiTM Melaka City Campus
with imported student from UiTM Lendu, MARA Polytech, UTeM
we celebrate YAB at parking lot
my class finish at 2pm..and the ceremony start @ 3pm
hayoo~ feel so tired la..after class n have to assembly there
so my friend n i decided not to go
i slept for 1 hour, and after that, i call my friend which is there waiting 4 YAB
YAB still not coming..haha JANJI MELAYU ;)
then my friends, Caey ask me to go
and im so lucky because i arrive at the suitable time
when YAB giving his speech
i got opportunity to snap his pic ;)
and i had greed him twice
all this gave me a motivation to be a influence people
just like him..insyaallah
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