just hangout~

grr..what a boring weekend...
suck!! don't know what to do laa
maybe this is 'balik kampung' week
lot of my housem8 go back to their home
so 3 people left in my house..
zul,apetz and me..
im fully in maximum boring mood..
so i went to Zoo Melaka lah~
better than nothing isn't??

Dean List..congratz all =)

ok..last week i attend a dinner
yerp..MEBA's Dinner, to celebrate our last part 8
the venue is at Dewan Seri Negeri Melaka
wow..even it's not a hotel, but it's a huge & grand juz like a hotel
and i have to attend to get my DL medal
alhamdulillah..i got opporitunity to get on the stage
this sem? huu i can't promise to get DL once again
but i'll try my best..insyaallah =)
17 people in my class got their DL
congratz frenz..hope u all maintain the result =)
work harder ok! gambatte! hehe
quite tired..so the next day i have to take my sis n granny at batu caves
tired lo..haha read my previous post ok..hehe



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