i'm gunna die..aaa

i'm having my statistic and marketing exam...
haha..i thought i'm doing very well to statistic paper
but when i checked with my friends..there are lots of mistake..
fully silly mistake..grr...geram2!!!
marketing paper? haha.. better dun ask ok!
i read spot question only..only 1 out..
rest? juz smile :)
yes..i really can't answer the question
but i try my best 'goreng' to answer the question..hehe
2 down..3 papers to go..
now focus on killer paper, eco, far, and tax..
wish me luck :)

my study week

yeahu~ lastly all my classes are finish..
now it's time to balikk kg! =)
meet my kampung friends..hehe
unfortunately, ijan can't back
he's too far from us..kt qelate la katekan..hehe
dun worry jan..soon we'll meet
then we photoshoot together2
at home? haha no other activity other than snapping
click3!! with my new 'bini' =)
just trying my DSLR lah~
so ayap, amer and me hangout together
ok let see our 'eyes' =)

hello nikon! =)

taken by d3000 :P

juz bought D3000
ngee...my dream!!
abeh dah duit JPA ku tuk sem n..
da usya lame dah~ har8
haha..i'm not pro in photography..
so my frenz promote me to buy this
this camera has a guide mode
so suitable for infant like me :)
credit to bob,iman and syima..
coz teman belikan DSLR n
ngeh3 :D



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