Johor Bahru's journey

I'm really interested when my mother asked me to follow my uncle, Pak ngah to send his youngest son, Atan to IKM JB. Why not because this is also my first journey to Johor Bahru after went to Gunung Ledang with my campus's friends at the beginning of year 2010. I accept the invite with full of my heart, phew~ dpt gak melawat JB..tgk negeri org. Beside that I also bored with my holiday, haha :)

I stayed at Pak Ngah's house for 1 day. That night I went to Downtown Damansara ( i not sure the place ) but it's not too huge like Downtown Cheras that I visited before. Then Atan brought me to Uptown Danau Kota which took about 30 minutes from Damansara. haha itu pon dapat jmpe lepas gune Garmin aku.. Once again, thank you my 5800xm :)

heading to Jay Beee about 2.30 PM on the next day After drove with sleepy and boring face, we arrived. Pakngah used to travel with its Garmin, I mean the real garmin, not using mine. We arrived at Johor about 7.30PM. Look excited haa? haha Now we are looking for lodging, Seri Malaysia JB.hihi

next day, we sent Atan to IKM. It was surrounded by factory, maybe IKM's student might work and practical there. Now I'll present you, my Mak Ngah, crying when we want to leave Atan. hehe

After that, we around2 the JB lah. Went to Danga bay and so on. It was shocking because I tough JB is a busy city but it doesn't. Lagi sibuk KL mcm n, lengang je, x banyak keta2 pn.. dekat jambatan nak g Singapore tu punyer la jamm.. x kire la na masuk org nak kuar Singapore, jam panjang2..hahaa xtaw2..just my opinion.

this is Atan,,ahahaha with his new jail :)

Tambak johor kot? haha

crossing through Danga Bay

tutorial - make unique FB profile

ok.. this entry is to show and guide you how to make a unique FB profile. For more information, see my previous entry blog :)

ok, first of all, you must have this template ( scroll down and copy ), Adobe Photoshop ( any version ) and a photo :)

1. Copy this template, and open with your Adobe..hehe

mmg x nampak, copy jer..ahaa

2. then open photo yg korg nak wat tuk profile korg kt Adobe.. The better photo to use is any photo in landscape mode.. Make sure your photo's resolution is in about 900 x 600 pixel, or any suitable resolution. Janji dye masuk dekat template n pn jadi la..hehe

3. After open both of them into Adobe, drag the template into your photo window in adobe. Click kat tools tu then drag template kt window sebelah, jangan lepas kan click sampe gamba masuk kt window sebelah.. :)

click to zoom :)

4. OK, then tgk kat tools namenyer Marquee, pastikan korg select layer photo before g kt marquee. Afterwards, press CTRL + C tuk copy and then bukak new window ( CTRL + N ) and then paste kt situ.. after that korg kene save as picture td kpd jpeg. ahaa

click if your eyes got problem :)

Tada! jd mcm n..haha
4. Do the same step to get the picture from small box and save as..hehe

use number to save, make your step easy..hehe

5. After you get 6 saved pictures, then upload them into your FB. then tag yourself in small picture in descending order, 6,5,4,3,and 2.

6. finish! enjoy
any problems can contact me  :)

Lata Iskandar's memory

heading to Lata Iskandar..wee

As usual, there are no other activity on my boring holiday like going somewhere interesting for having a swimming bath..haha

Road snake..ahaha


That's the main waterfall..wonderful :)

Yesterday, I went to Lata Iskandar. Huh? I guess you might know this place or maybe not bacause it's not a popular place to visited..hihi
But it was my long term plan to visit there because I thought it might fun. haha

Heading to Lata Iskandar about 11 a.m. after waiting like a fags at my home. grr janji melayu!
After confront a beautiful road that makes my heart god damned shocking with big lorries and massive cars, we arrived at Lata Iskandar with excited faces. just for a while actually. :D

After arrived there, we just realized that the place it not allowed the visitor to swim. haiyoo!!
status mood ; disappointed for a while.
Actually that place is suitable for taking some snap and hanging instead. For swim or camping? absolutely irregular and not suitable. haha

what a shame! carrying the cooking and camping apparatus into that place.
No wonder that place is not popular like Lata Kijang and others place because it just a sojourn for traveler from Cameron Highland.

Lastly, we moved to Kuala Woh. haa amek ko, air pon keruh. Maybe due to rain season or construction from upwards there. Who knows?
I think Kuala Woh will going to be promoted to public because there's some construction for facilities there. I think that's a great step to announce Kuala Woh as a interesting place for family trip.haha

However, Lata Iskandar fascinated me with its nature beauty. It's waterfall looks like Niagara Waterfall.. haha

make your unique FB profile..haha

ok, this is the original picture.. from this picture, I will do from this --->

into this one..hehe cool right? haha

credit to who act create this stylish FB
I think he is alexander oudin :D

Do you wanna do same like me?

ok. tutorial will coming soon :D

tata haha

BBQ at Teluk Batique

I went to Teluk Batik last Saturday,
I was invited by my Brash's oldies
hoho.. long time no see them :)
they were planned to unite the Brashian from Tlk Intan and Manjung
unfortunately, Manjung Brashian couldn't attend because they got
another business to do except Jijah..haha :D

the main activity we did is BBQ only, haha
then we watching the football match between Malaysia and Vietnam
congrats Malaysia coz you've move on to final since 14 years ago
hope you bring us the Suzuki's trophy :)

a walk to remember ;)

I've scanned my retro pic..haha sound nice, retro~
now I'll upload here, and this picture will never been uploaded to social network
this is just for my collection :)

this is Aziz's children..Alia is under construction. not finish yet..haha
me? I guess you know which is me :D
I think I'm 4 years old..I think..erkkk

This picture is taken in front of our old house
now the house was diminished by government
and been construct MPTI building there
our old house is at Jalan Jawa, Speedy, near to SK Sultan Idris II
I think I was 2...hehe know which is me?hehe

I'm 8 on this childish face..haha
I just realize that I got rabbit teeth..kui3
that is Alia, my youngest sister
been process and turn into finish product..hehehe

this is my mother's family..hehe
I'm not turn to finish product yet..
sit on the right side is my late grandfather
Hj. Mat Jeri. al-fatihah for him
may Allah bless him
beside him is my cute grandmother..hehe
and her back, my mother la!
cun x? :D

next, my father's family, got 8 siblings actually
sit at the right side is my late grandma..left us 2 years ago
Al-fatihah for her..may Allah forgive her and place her to greatest place
Actually I don't realize them, except for Uda and Pak Chor..haa
others, erkkk mcm xpena nampak..
almaklum muke mude2 len :D

The Result

10 Dis 2010, hari yang menakutkan oleh semua pelajar uitm,
the history will begins here..ewaahh
mane taknyer, hari dpt result tuk last sem.
haish..result oh resultt~~

I wish I will not ever and ever see my result..
But my curiosity drive me to see my result ..erghh~

At lastly UiTM get the better way to overcome the massive die hard fans..haha
they sent the result through their student's email..two thumbs up UiTM :)
I open with a nervous feeling..and I saw my terrible result! aaaaaaaaa
OMG! (oh menarikk gileeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!) haha
my result? better don't ask..terrible!
I'm not expect to get this result. there must be something wrong..
haha tak setimpal dgn usaha aku kot selama n..
ape boleh buatt..rezeki masing kan :)

status ; disappointed + frustrated
by the way, Alhamdulillah, still 3 pointer and LULUS :)
I believe He got another plan for me? maybe? just keep praying asking to Allah.
Insyaallah :)
talking about result..this is just a beginning. will not down me. yeah chayok3!
I'll be studious again..maybe more than before. haha I said maybe not WILL :D

those who get better result from me, congratz! I'll keep praying we will together success
insyaallah :D

furthermore, during the result's day, I went to Ipoh! haha
frust tgk result pnyer pase kan..naseb laa ade kawan2 yg supportive + sempoi menemani daku di saat ku merasa down..hihi

this is request from Ijan. He wanted to buy a new guitar. his own guitar..hihi
so I invited my ex-classmate to join us cause he know more than me about guitar :)
amirul ikhsan bin burhanuddin..haha

meet uncle miruiii :P

haggling in process..

at last Ijan get his kate gitar yg cari tuan dye, bukan tuan dye cari gitar..tol k? :D
so selamat berbahagia Ijan dengan bini baru beliau..kehehe
price? reasonable..match with the quality :)

next, we take a road to Lubuk Timah..
not a popular place but popular with death people..haha
unfortunately the water is dull, maybe due to construction in the uphill..haish keroh plak~
tapi ape leh wat? na mandi pnyer pase, dtg jauh2..sob3
but it's a beautiful place actually, just no facilities build there..
maybe can be a famous area someday? :)

next! we went to Gunung Lang. A very very suitable place to photoshoot
haha took about 25 minutes from Lubuk Timah using highway..
but I'm disappointed when the boat service are closed on that day!
again and again, bad luck!
photoshoot with new guitar at the front of the lake..cantik jugak :P

gaye guitarist pro..piwiit..haha

bli guitar trus photoshoot tuuu..haha

single lagi katenyer :)

tumpang sekaki je :P

pabila uncle mirul memetik gitar..buryy ur headdd

i - bangi

first of all, I would like to wish Happy Maal Hijrah to all muslim
may Allah bless us by giving us wealthy and happy life for this new year..amin :)

During this new year, I was facing to Shah Alam with my friends, Ijan..
I've planned to I-city Shah Alam la..that's my objective for the first.
tapi apekan daya, misi kali ini tidak berjaya, sume gara-gara disebabkan Amer..waduh2
haha.. he asked me to take him at his home located at Bangi..
I never tough Shah Alam to Bangi is far, took about 1 HOUR FROM HIGHWAY!!
Oh menarikk gile!! (OMG) haha
we started our journey at 4 P.M and safely arrived at Bangi at 8.30 P.M
so xkan na patah blik Shah Alam then anta blik Amer g Bangi? haha
it's all about time dude~
ouh, terpakse membatalkan segala misi tuk ke i-city semua gara2 amer...

mood status ; regret

then bermula lah aktiviti yang tidak senonoh kitorang..haha (gelak jahat)
went to Putrajaya and spend our time with photo shooting..

haha jadi la pegy Putrajaya, ade gak landscape yg cun2 tuk bergambar :D
and we try to photoshoot as much as we can..kire na balas dndm la n kan..hihi

After that we went to downtown at Cheras..
unfortunately Amer don't know hot to get there
luckily my Garmin works successfully..hek3 tak rugi aku beli ko mahal2,
berguna juge ye :P

arrived at home about 5.15 A.M with exhausted,,,,aaaaaaaaa

p/s : naseb baek la ko blanje aku mkn mer, then aku bleh bli boxer, bru la rase tak rugy
amek ko..mwahahaha :D

xsempat na edit pix la..if na amek dr aku ye~

k adios :)



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