say hi to terengganu! PART1

we started our journey about 10 a.m.
feel so excited about this trip till I dreamed about it for a week! haha
as long as we are traveler, we are not compulsory to attend Solat Jumaat.
so don't think we ignored Allah's call.

at home laaa! 

unexpected, our tires had been hit by a sharp metal..
don't know where it come, but it broke our journey..grr
Luckily, we are just near to Wak's house, at Gemas
so his parent came to help us.. cayalahh :)
credit to Wak and family..hehe
I believed that there's must something hidden behind a disaster..
because of this incident, we manage to get full direction to Terengganu from a young man
originally he's from Terengganu and works here, so he used to travel to Terengganu :)
this disaster delayed our journey about 4 hours.
furthermore, this is our first experience changing the punctured tyre
so we are gaining new knowledge even though it is hard for us..  
then we lepaking at Wak's house and waiting for the others to come
now we are not alone, we are moving with another cars :)

hohh...the freaking bad metall!!

say smile to weather :)

at 6 p.m. we moved from Gemas..following the others.
what I wanna say the road is suck! like a moon surface
better don't use modified cars like this one..noncompliance
after 6 hours driving, we arrived at destination..what a exhausted
with a titan lorry on the road just to avoid toll fees..haish~

just realize that they are not using ticket like we do now..they are using card :)

Exhausted faces!

place where we stay on 1st night

on the next day, we went to Miss Dalila's house around 12p.m.
not far from our home stay..about 10 min only..
I saw Miss linda, my ex-MGT lecturer
haha she looks gorgeous, maybe after this I'll see her married..hehe

BACC4A's present for Miss..what a sweett..hehe

beautiful!! wish I have one for my wedding!

memoryyy with the bride

Love Letter from pak Guard

grr...this things makes me so pawned!
seee! see! these bike have not been summoned by pakguard..
haiyoo mak gad yg cun and pak guard yg kacak..ape ce??
remember I post I've been summoned? haha
yes here it where I parked my scooter..good job!

Kene saman berjemaah..haha

I thought this thing would't happen..
unfortunately it do happen..
thanks to Mr. and Mdm. Pakgard yg kacak n chantek kerna menyaman skuter debab saye..
haha bkn slalu kene..I'll take this as a lesson for me. Don't park anywhere you like! hehe
But if you obey with the rules, you'll miss all the fun..isn't?
So the rules is there to be brocken by people like me..ahakz :)
the interesting part is, most of my friends also got summoned..coz they saw my scooter on that parking
so they follow..kene la saman berame2..haha
naseb la..sape suruh ikot kan2? :P
it's weird because all the sue amount is different...luckily just RM15..buat muke kesian dpn pegawai tu kot? gagaga sian ko Kimiey, kene 20 ragak..sape suruh wat muke taiko..kehehe :D

cun kan surat saman n? hahaha

MEBA Futsal Karnival !!

jom beramai2 pegy Klebang!!
ade futsall la weh..hahaha jom3!!

besengkang mate aku membuatnyer....adoi22
this event should held on February,,so this is a rushing and emergency events..huh~
as you can see at the poster, MEBA needs a player to represent MEBA for Piala Datuk Pengarah next this is the reason why we move the date..haish..what a poor plan actually
so ape lg..jom la join..ajakk la kwn2..hahaha (for accounting student only)

Archering :)

watching Khurafat is fun! really, fun and interesting because I could see many scared faces and different shocking ways..hahaha sorry to those sit behind me, I'm laughing for the whole movie..sorry for interrupt your leisure thriller time..haha :)

after watching that, I saw a new shop at the it is archery shop. I miss this game so much and I don't believe I hold the archery after 1 year don't play it. hahaha really excited! :)
Unfortunately the bull's eye length just about 10 meter..and the archery is not complete.
No pointer to adjust..haiyaaa~ low utilities la when play..

After playing this game, suddenly I remember a long2 time ago when I'm in Brash School. I used to play with Raja, John and Amer. haha seb bek kamcing dgn ustaz, so dpt la paw ustaz men dpn umah dye, furthermore, free of charge la..haha :)

muke gumbire je sume..hahaha

xngaku pendek bdk n..kehehe

credit to pijie for snap this pix :)
Skunk n, da xleh men da.. even at KBM also don't have this game. So this is one of my favorite sport and really2 dissapointed that this game not belong here. Kan game n sunnah Rasulullah kita, main pn dpt pahala :)

dear Kapok!

dear my sweetest Kapok,

How are you today? Hope you are in pink of health inside the dark bag that I put you before I go.

I just wanna say that I really miss to play with you. My heart is always happy when I truthfully can say that I regret to leave you at home. My arms always shake and keep saying to me that he wanna touch your sexy body and pluck your soft strings. 

There is no better way in which to use the time we spend to sing along and complete my boring time. Your sound make me feel better and comfort, release all the pain that I've through even thought you are so old and got lot of scars. 

Oh my dear Kapok, should I take you from home or ask someone to send you to me?

your faihfully,
your 2nd owner


4 a.m., confront to Menara Codong Teluk Intan, New Year 2011 :)

packing...packingg!! packingg???? pack pack pack~ aaa...the most lazy word I want to say..huuu~
currently packing my stuff and gadget to go back Melaka and start my new semester there.
Honestly I'm not enough to holiday..Really hope my holiday will extend...sob4

Not ready to get piles of draft assignment,
not ready to get new data from lecturer,
not ready to do my choral for my own,
not ready to wake up and make some revision
not ready to clean up my chaos house
not ready to attend all my pack class schedule 

but what I can do? haish~ will go back to Melaka at 9.30pm..
serve me right, sape suruh x amek tiket awal2..kan da kene blik melake mlm2..hahahaha



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