Time to change

it's time to change! I U-turn my mind.. get to renovate my blog later...
time to be more matured as I already 21 years old..ahaha
Categorized as teenagers no more, so better to get
formal attitude..means skema lah weh! haha
no more XHTML codes..sayonara..I've been use you since myspace
so hopefully there's someone else manipulate you XHTML code
gonna miss youuuuuu lahh!!

p/s finding new layout for my blog..oh yeah!

Sate Wak Teni

hoho just na habaq mai kt korg..kt tmpt aku ade sate rege dye 30 syenn sebatanggg
hoho masih ade lg ea sate rege ceni..lagi2 zaman skunk n sume brg mahei2
haha respek la lu bro..jual murah,,sedap plak tu..slurppp
leleh ayaq liur aku ehh.. na mkn sate
btw kdai n kt kg gajah..depan pasaraye Halida,,,so sape yg dtg kt Kg. Gajah
mai la singgah sini pekene sate 30 senn..lazatt berkewimmm disukaii ramee

anda sukakannya? GANDAKANNYA :D

happy mature day Aizat!

it's my birthday,, so I would like to wish myself Happy Birthdayy
Aizat! now you can register in SPR and get illegal right to vote! hohoho
Already 21 years old, so not too old, and not too young...
besides, I'm not getting older actually..
but I'm getting close to dying..haha :D
Alhamdulillah I still got opportunity to live on this earth
my first 20 years old was too amazing
gave me a lot of experience, and taught me how to be a man :)

for those people wishing my bufday..
thank you so much..
I really appreciate it.. :)

especially my family, BFF, kampung's friend, Brash School, Myspacer, Facebook-rian, Twitterian,
10000000x thousand to my housemate, buddy eva eva, jijah,wak,wan,zul,zal,apetz, and caey (silently)
hahaha for the cake
not expected actually
I'm too old for the cake :)

sedappppp wooo!!!

I'm sweating ..ok guys, you got me!

Mitsubishi cool tag

I went to Tesco in front of my house just now, and then I saw some of mitsubishi car show
really excited to see and feel the comfort of new mitsubishi especially it's new Hatchback and ASX
unfortunately there are no dealer guarding towards the cars
means that cannot have a looks its interior la..sob4

by the way it's not important..
the point is... I saw something really annoying
guess what? hahaa

read the tagline..haha realize it?


jeng2..it's mitsubishiii lah!

Mitsubishi got new tagline... 'Smarter People Gets Original'
eww..like 'menganjing' proton Inspira's tagline
'Smarter Guy Get It'
really funny
as you know Inspira get the origin from Lancer
hehe but it's ok what.. Proton never copy 100%
but they get improve by put them CamPro's handling
much much better than the exist Mitsubishi now
besides, it's affordable dude! :)

got Mazda RX7! hehe

yeah believe it! I got new car...named RX7..mazda lagi tu.hahaha
really <3 this one..wee
yela.na beli xmampu..beli n je la mampu..haha

aku sumpah ko jd kete betul! hahaha

say hi to terengganu! PART2

next destination is Pasar Payang..
hurm what I can say, it is place where womens love to visit
for men? crying la...money will fly away..haha
it just like a heaven for shopping..and we can nego for the best price :)
maybe I spend about 1++ here.. not mine actually
for my family la..so sekali sekale blanje tok family ape salahnyer..haha
ahaa..I went to toilet there.. I it really weird because the toilet still using well
haha it's hard to find well now. So my first using well water..lalala :)
it's something that I respect about Terengganu
which is they are using Jawi to their signboard..
even popular fast food McDonald also using Jawi..unbelievable right?
it's hard to find this culture around here..I mean BN's territory..hehe

after shopping..they do..not me..haha

I always hoping that I can confront with Masjid Kristal..
and here it is..my dreams come true..haha
because my father have been here when masjid kristal is under construction a long2 time ago
so I really impressed with this mosque..
I thought it is big, but after I see its internal..it just small..
maybe this mosque is construct just for ornament maybe?
Alhamdulillah, got opportunities to have a prayer here..hehe

next we search any affordable lodging to have a very sweetdream

luckily got friends stay here, atie and dya..
they become our tourist guide
credit to them! got budget hotel..just pay RM12 per person..lalalala
and the next day, packing to back home..lalala
last destination was Kg Losong..I heard that Keropok Lekor come from here
so no wonder it is popoular with Keropok lekor..
and I just know there are another keropok which is more popular in here
called keropok losong..haha I think it taste just same like keropok lekor
but it got very2 slurpee chillies sauce..nyum3 I bet you will dream for it..hahaha

here it is!

at Pantai Batu Burok

lalu rantau abg la weh!!

pantai Cherating..hehe
we started our journey at 1pm..and arrived at Melaka at 5.30a.m.
oh gosh! 15 hours? very exhausted..we are dejected because too many road are blocked
because of flood.. there are 4 main road to go back Melaka and have been inundated with flood
we have to take a short cut to avoid the blocks...
btw Alhamdulillah..we still manage to arrived at our rent house
what a very long and challenging journey.. :)



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