Indulgence of my soul

Beauty no more do I think of you
Unfortunately, you have gone
Waiting, until the end of my life
On the face of this earth

You know how much I love you
Only a fairy can replace you
Only fate can determine
Oh the indulgence of my soul
Oh wind, please send my song to her/him

Which is full of sadness and sorrow
Please accept my song as your life companion
For eternity....

mode giwang :)

Superb GIF pictures!

all these pictures are taken by Jamie Beck~
wow~ really impressed.. let's see will you impressed just like me? :)

it's really difficult to make this gift one..
only rigid person would do this..
need a lot of burst pictures file to make the perfect one :)

End of chapter 4

sape pnyer n? haha
I'm still not believe it it have been 2 years I'm here..Melaka lah~
means that I've passed 4 semester already...yay!
2 years more to study..go Aizat go! aja aja fighting! hehe
And just realize that it have been 4 month I'm in semester 4..
time to test all my knowledge that I've gained this semester
knowledge? aaa I think I'm feel so empty this semester..
even got lots of reading subject.. plus with killer subject.
oh gosh! how I'm going to pass all the paper?
PSA, CRG, FAR, and CTU..pleaseee..I'm begging you
behave yourself to me..I'm dying for you all..aarghh~~
especially FAR and 4 credit hours.
means it is killer killer killerr paperr..really a killerr
they don't kill you with sword, with knife, or other sharp weapon
but they kill youuu by failing you and make you repeatt this paperr again!!
aaaaa is that sound thrill for you? agagaga but the point is, I don't want it!!
don't want to repeat..I'm pissed off with reading subject...grr

Now I'm in study week..
study week? err study week a.k.a honeymoon weekk..I guess..gagaga
not study so much..but I try to study..
actually I don't have the study mood right now..
so I udpated this blog to express my emotions..
hmm..what I can do to enhance my study?
seriously, what I've read for this 6 days is not 100% permanently in my mind
erk..maybe around 40%? haha unbelievable~
but that's a reality..ngah~ really tired on this

I'm waiting for 10th May..
the day I'm from books.. yeah~independent for a while
and then got a very longg holiday...
4 month.. what I'm going to do?
plus my 2nd sister going to get married
works? or be an unemployed? later..see ya!

p/s i love to hear this song when I'm down..enjoy!

It is a pig!!

The characteristic for pig skin is there have 3 dots together..
as shown below..look carefully
because we can get the pig skin easily, the price is more cheaper than the others
so it is not surprise a lot of people had bought this skin pig without realizing
maybe the salesperson will tell you this is the 2nd gred of skin
or maybe from animal skin..
they wouldn't tell you it is PIG skinn
especially for women.. I know it is nature being for women
love to shopping.. but be careful
maybe one of your those treasure consist one of this piggg part..haha
samakk weh!!
this is just for reminder.. :)

4 April

welcome to 20th club my dear :)
happy birthdayyy to youu~
happy birthdayy to youu!!
happy birthdayy to youu makcikk tuaaa!! hehe :)
appy birthdayy to youu :)
ukhib bukii..hihi

I'm healed!

6/3 - 6/4 ... a month past
Alhamdulillah..getting better.. maybe 90% healed
xsaba na start jogging lg..hehe
and now I'm waiting the wounds turn to permanent scars
a BIG scars..haiyo!!

Youth Media Carnival 2011

Today was awesome..and I just realize that Melaka is a wonderful place to visit! :D
no wonder visiting Melaka just like visiting Malaysia :)
I went to Youth Media Carnival at Dataran Pahlawan just now, held for two days
It is one of the UiTM's big event. Actually got another event, the charity run. But I don't have the ability to run
still in vigilant mode cause my leg is not fully heal. what a pity~ T.T
plus, the event start at 7 a.m. and it is weekend, which is my pleasure time to oversleep..kihihi

Youth Media Carnival was organize by MasCom faculty, UiTM Melaka Alor Gajah
and I'm lucky meet my ex-schoolmate Mira and Penot.. they are from MasCom laa..gagaga

ini Wan..bkn aku ye..harap maklum :)

this is the best part! I play  the paintball! uuyoo~~ first time ma..
only 5$ for 10 pallets..affordable what? :D
seriously I'm shaking when playing..err thats my norm! do not ask me again.. :)
that's the best experience ever! hehe I wish I can play with my friends one day..perhaps?

then I just realize the booth is very boring.. aaa datang2 ade org nyanyi hikk hokk~
da xde zaman la beb hikhokk2 n..  geli teman ehh denga org cakap laju2..gagaga

from the top..19 minutes at there :D

just realize that we got swimming poolll around here..haha

then destination,  A after 2 years live in Melaka, this is my first time..haha
that show I'm not a good Malaysian! but I still love Malaysia as well :)
after make some photoshooting at A'Famosa..we wenttt to Taming Sari Tower
don't be surprise that is my first experience also..haha!
okay, now you can call me bad citizen..hehe

p/s ; got tones of assignment..but still hangout? aaaa waddaaaaa~ T.T



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