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This should be my short entry
on coming 11th June 2011, my 2nd sista will get married with her love..
congratulation! I'm happy for her..
those who are reading my blog right now, you were invited! :)
officially on that day, I'll become her wedding photographer
and absolutely I'll become a business man on that day.. busy3!!!
there are only 2 weeks left for my sis wedding.. but that's not my point over here
seriously I lost my photographer sense! erkkk

actually to become a real photographer, you don't ever need a nurture and talent itself
but practice does! the talent only support you for 20% only..
and this is the main problem..
since beginning of year until now, I left photography..
it seen been a while due to my business of study and lac of time
to make you professional, seriously you need to keep trying
so what we call it practice make permanent, not perfect :)

I tried some of picture I've taken and I edit..
err.. I'm lost.. I forgot most of everything....
so I'm scared photo that I taken on that day will not satisfy angah..
aish.. dear Allah, permudahkanlah aku dalam melakukan kerja ku.. amin

this is one of picture I've edited on that day..I also uploaded in my flickr account
haish.. i know I'm bad already.. sighing**

Gamelan SMK Seri Kandi

group Gamelan dulu2 :)
amir dan gambangnyer :D\

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As you know, our Sultan Perak will come to Teluk Intan to make an opening ceremony for our new Municipal of Teluk Intan's building.. so He will come on 28 May.. haha when someone VVIP come, so as usual, there are lots of maintenance and renovation will occurs.. so I'm hoping Sultan will come to my village, Kampung Selabak. So they will make a new road in here.. :D

Just now, I just pass by the building, there are lots of people in charge to make preparation for the coming. And somehow I heard something that I really used to hear and play, that is Gamelan. Ok honestly I miss to play that ketang keting ketang keting.. and hoping someday we will make a reunion with other members :)

Just remember when our glory with Gamelan, we played around Perak area and I think our school is the only one got the Gamelan player. So my teacher said, we got a lots of offer, and we can't afford and have enough time to fulfill their wishes. Plus we are still a student, and we have class and other works to do

the sweetest moment when I'm playing this Gamelan is, I'm played for the Sultan Perak coming. haha It is about 2005 i think. My school is new and Sultan will make the opening ceremony. So as usual lots of thing that I talked about is happen, renovate here and there. And I still remember when Sultan Perak pass by when I'm playing, I lost control and make the sound a little bit crack. kihihi yela, na gak tgk Sultan lalu, hahaha

ahaa.. I remember when we got offer from TV1 to play at in front of Menara Condong Teluk Intan, I can't remember for what event, but it is also a big event for RTM. My teacher said we will play and record it but the plan was changed immediately, we will playy as LIVE! perghh terbaekk.. dgn uniform mcm caca marba.. hahaha and RTM had interviewed my teacher as well. :)

so I'm hoping I can play gamelan again.. uuu amir, bob, jenal, muzafar, err.. aku byk lupe name la.. haha if korg free..jom le reunion.. na wat kenang kenangan :D

this video was taken by amer.. unfortunately I was accidently deleted the longest video one.. err i'm so sorryyyyyyyy :(

Selamat Hari Guru

kpd sume cikgu2 yang ade kt Malaysia n...especially from...

Sk selabak
Smk seri kandi
Smt persiaran brash ipoh
Kolej matrikulasi pulau pinang
UiTM Melaka Kampus Bandaraya
Pusat memandu Nuri
Pusat memandu Adilkap Jaya

dan tidak lupa juge bakal2 cikgu
bekas2 guru
dan juga lecturer di semua IPTA dan IPTS

SELAMAT HARI GURU saya ucapkan!
terima kasih atas jasa baik cikgu mengajar kami
hingga menjadi insan yang berguna..dan yg paling penting kami enjoy! hahaha

igt, our teachers and lecturers is the 2nd people we should respect after my parents
so, even you are an engineer, an accountant, an architect, and even a doctor,
you wouldn't be without your teacher's knowledge..
their contribution to us is too big, and can't be determined by gold

and honestly, I miss school memories, looking my pictures when I was form 2,3
make me smile because that memories will never come again.. once a whole life
thanks you teacher.. :)

this picture is not related to anyone who is still alive or dead..hahaha

School memories

it just a normal when our room will be mess with taik cicak, with other things and bla bla bla after left for 2 months ago.. oi cicak, berak kt tmpt lain la.. haha
and that what was happen to my room at the back.. grr (angry mode)
so, as usual, I'm the one the clean up the room, *sighing =.=
and when I was doing my chores, I found something..hehe
my school works since I was at SMK Seri Kandi.. hahaha
and I'm looking forward my primary school books.. but it dissapear
maybe my mum or other people in this house
burn it out.. buat nyemak je kan..jadi port cicak bertelur ngan berak je..hahaha

so I found my health report, my ambition report, and other files.. err so confidential la.. i guess
and I found my geography books when I was at 2 Intelek. and I still remember my geography teacher
name dye Puan Hayati kot.. Kot la.. aku igt pn pase dye slalu cari aku pnyer mistake..
even mistake aku same dgn org lain, she always attack me..
with modal 'awak tu da la pengawas, bising plak tu bla bla bla bla....'
sampe skunk aku igt lg wo.. very very sad on that time..hahaha
so this is my handwriting ... er bapak buruk kan? hahaha still budak ingusan lg :D

nih la buku geo aku.. ade kucin aku..aku lukis..haha

ok, my handwriting just like a doctor.. i know.. jgn puji

cita2 aku dulu..uu gone baby gonee

nih waktu motivasi PMR kot..hahahaha

Logo Monster ada tanda salib

ok, mungkin korg penah denga logo Monster n kan?
mane x nyer dari moto sampe k baju, ade je orang pake
and most of mat motor especially for motor cross will use this logo
to make up their motor..
not forgotten to their cloths, even cap ayam also got this one

so, people are not aware about the sensitivity,
even small they doesn't even bother about that..
so from this logo, its contain salib logo..
tgk lah betapa halusnya org kapioq na menjahanamkan org islam
bila da ade logo salib n, da jatuh haram utk org islam
memakainya, apatah lagi menggunakannya..
so ask yourself, id you bought yourself this logo for your own?
if you do.. just throw it..

Now I'm using Firefox 4

my current firefox view..hihihi

ok I know I'm a fag who are late to use this new firefox.. haha
actually I've already use this new firefox since it was beta..
but unfortunately it doesn't satisfy my utilities..
why? I think maybe most of you have the same problem with me
IDM add-ons is not compatible with this firefox 4..
so it makes me hard to download all the video that I'm playing
so I prefer to use firefox 3 rather than firefox 4..haa senang na download :D
grr.. but I've found the sape2 yg nak, just follow instruction n
so in order to use this firefox with IDM add-ons
follow this steps :

1. first, all you have to do is download the lastest one with patch maybe? so no need to buy..kihihi
2.then make sure you have check all the browser for IDM in option > general
3. then uninstall the add-on at should be install again after you uninstall. or else your IDM version is lame! haha
4. If uninstall is not found, so just go to this website tekaaaaannnnnnnnnn

ok have fun! bez woo..selain leh customize personality, download pn mcm IDM gak..lebey kureng je..hehe
so far this is the best :)

Happy mother's Day

Fuuh.. lega rasenyer lepas exam..
13 days with 6 freaking killer papers..
especially CRG, FAR and MAF
and todayy.. I would like to announce, the misery day ended! haha
I'm already burnout from all those thing! yucks!
makes me feel drowsy, sleepy, jittery when reading all the thick books

by the way, Alhamdulillah, Allah give me a strength
to answer all the questions.. even the answer isn't good and not complete..haha
at least I manage to answer all the question instead of get them blank!
mane la taw ade dpt markah penat menulis dan derma dakwat pen..haha
so what I can do now is Tawakal, I've gave a lots of effort thru all this
just wait for the result to come up..!

actually I want to post this entry on  mother's day
well, I'm too busy with my study, plus when I opened my lappy
it just I'm in my own world.. staring for the whole days.. like puaka you know?
sit in front of my lappy just to on9, chit chat and visit some of nonsense blog
so I decided to not switch on my lappy, as it could disturbed my study time..hahaha

so in this entry, I would like to wish Happy Mother's Day!
especially to my beloved mak, Puan Normah Binti mat Jeri..
yeah of course she wouldn't read my blog.. because he even don't know how to type #LOL
but I'm still have the willingness to say that I love you makk.. sayang mak for the rest of my life :)
I'm always pray to Allah to give you a better well being with abah until hereafter..amin :)
not forgotten to all mak, mummy, mom, ummi and what ever you call them, selamat hari ibu :)
eh lupe gak kpd future mother..hihi :P

now I'm going to think what I;m going to do for this long holiday?
4 bulann woo~ wa x tipu woo~ mau mati kebosanan daa..haha

mak dgn anaknyer yg poyo.. haha

Bijaknya Yahudi menipu

Bijak sungguh yahudi memperdayakan kita umat Islam, mereka suruh kita minum susu lembu buatan mereka, tapi mereka minum susu kambing, mereka minum apa yang diminum oleh Nabi kita Muhammad SAW.

Mengapa kita tidak ikut nabi kita, kita ikut orang yahudi tapi ternyata mereka mengikut apa yg nabi kita makan dan minum. Teruskan membongkar kebijaksanaan yahudi menipu umat Islam...

Kata-katanya ini adalah bertepatan dengan hadis Rasullulah: 

"Berwaspadalah terhadap syaitan demi keselamatan agama kamu.. Dia telah berputus asa untuk menyesatkan kamu dalam perkara-perkara besar, maka berjaga-jagalah supaya kamu tidak mengikutnya dalam perkara-perkara kecil" 

Antara 'barangan mereka' yang telah dijadikan ikutan oleh kebanyakan dari kita. 

1. Kita diajar dalam buku biologi, buku pemakanan (kajian dan terbitan para kafir ni) bahawa kalau nak dapat vitamin B dan kalau nak tambah darah kita kena makan hati haiwan dan hati ayam tetapi sebenarnya Nabi kita tidak menggalakkan pemakanan organ dalaman. Nak ikut kafir ke nak ikut nabi kita? Sebenarnya makan hati ayam dapat melembabkan otak kita sbb hati merupakan organ dimana semua toksin akan dikumpulkan dan dineutralkan. so kepekatan toksin adalah tinggi di hati ayam. makanlah kita toksin tersebut serta bengaplah otak kita umat Islam sebab percaya buku sains keluaran kafir ini. 

2. Kita diajar dalam sains bahawa kopi tidak bagus untuk kesihatan. Namun sebenarnya kopi adalah antara minuman kegemaran Nabi kita selain susu dan madu. Cuba tengok Yahudi, mereka minum kopi, Starbuck. Profesor di UK yang Yahudi semua ada segelas kopi dit tangan mereka.

3. Kita diajar memakan kambing tinggi kolesterol, namun kambing juga adalah makanan Nabi kita. Seolah-olah buku sains ni nak merendahkan pemakanan Nabi kita. Sebenarnya daging kambing adalah daging paling kurang kolesterol. 

4. Kita diajar bahawa makan McDonalds adalah bagus, namun sebenarnya McDonalds adalah makanan yang sangat tinggi MSG dan kolesterolnya dan paling banyak lemak tepu trans. 

5. Para kafir ni juga menggalakkan kita minum dan makan makanan yang langsung tak berkhasiat , contohnya coke dan maggi . Coke tu sangatlah beracun, pastu sangat tidak bagus untuk kesihatan (gula tinggi, berasid, pH dalam lingkungan 3.5, ada racun tersembunyi) . Dan para Melayu kita juga yang ketagih minum.

6 . Untuk pengetahuan, para kafir agen dajjal ni gak mengwar-warkan kebaikan minum soya (sebab USA merupakan pengeluar soya terbesar), namun sebenarnya soya dapat melemahkan kejantanan lelaki dan mengurangkan kesuburan lelaki dan perempuan. selain itu juga soya dapat meningkatkan risiko kanser payudara, kanser ovari, kanser prostat, serta melemahkan otak dan tulang sbb dalam soya ada hormon estrogen yang sama dgn estrogen kat wani ta. pastu soya ada phytic acd yang membuatkan penyerapan kalsium, magnesium dan zinc yang penting untuk badan kita terjejas. 

credit to blog

p/s sape2 yg nak byk information, sile follow blog :)



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