Bukit Sebukor Waterfall, Melaka

Every time when I want to go to MITC, I will pass this waterfall..
actually this is homemade waterfall located at Ayer Keroh, Melaka..
I remember when there's news a long long time ago, there a some irresponsible man
throw a detergent and make this waterfall full with bubbles.. #LOL sape buat?bongok btul =D

on that day, my second sista went to Melaka, melawat umah mak mertua katenyer.. hehe
so we decided to meet at Pantai Klebang..
and then we can't because there's a problem.. da bwk da kamera na shoot2 bagai..huk3 so?
me, jijal and wan had make a decision to go to this place.. hahaha unexpected plan isnt?
so here it is... :)

MEBA new corporate shirt

this is MEBA's new corporate tshirt.. designed by me :)
alhmadulillah, finished a few weeks ago and been distributed to the buyer
so this is what I call corporate shirt
not like the old version.. it is just soo irritating .. for me la =.=
and most buyer complaint about the old version
macamm uniform nurse! haha

well I just designed this one.. got two design
actually I preferred the first design
because it is covered with full purple
but at last, we (MT meba) had decided to choose the second one
because the colour and design is quite same with the old version
so that people still not feel awkward when wearing the old one
well here we go.. this is the design...

first design
second design

designing this shirt isn't easy
i have to see whether this design is acceptable from majority
so those who are helping me such ideas and colours... thanks a lot
without you, I can't finish this one..

i just wondering how much the ex MT had markup for the old version shirt?
this new shirt plus colour and piping, just cost 58..
the old version? no piping, plus with little purple colour.. with same cost
so? haa pikir2 la sendiri

p/s lepas n klu pake sorg2 kt KBM baju n.. xde la rase malu.. haha

MEBA Annual General Meeting 2011

MEBA will held AGM later on.. the date for voting is on 12 which is on this Monday
so hoping all the MEBARIAN will vote for the suitable and capable candidate

I just pissed off with the MEBA's work
and I don't have any interest to stay on MEBA
I just want to gain experience..so far Alhamdulillah, I got it :)
so maybe this is the last sem me with MEBA
hope my future candidate can do well
maybe much better than me :)

I just accidentally join this MEBA
without voting or proper appointment
that's not fair isn't?
so I shall resign with that kind of way.. #hihu

so last word, good luck MEBA



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