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aku taw ramai yg tak taw na guna adobe photoshop
dan hasilnya ramai yg guna auto edit photo mcm photoscape dan ntah hape jadah software yg bleh edit photo dengan senang..
so ari n aku na share something.. yaa khas utk org yg ske edit photo auto mcm adik2 aku ..
website n simple je.. upload, choose effect ape yg nak.. then trus save.. as easy as ABC :D
so what do you think? its effect like a god damn cool :D
I tried mine.. so this is an example .. ehee with ehem2 :)

so sape nak edit photo dengan senang.. click sini! PIXLR.COM

Masuk Paper Lagi la - Sinar Harian

ehem2.. n teman masuk paper lg.. ehee dlu ade gak msuk sinar n psl Lawatan ke Karangkraf
thankgod segala urusan dengan wartawan Sinar n success, Alhamdulillah :)

so ade la pengalaman contact dgn wartawan.. hehe n keratan akhbar sinar 6 Jan 2012 psl OPKIM anak angkat tuuu

dpt cam x aku yg mane? hehe clue kale ijau :D

End of chapter 5

current desktop wallpaper :D

20th Januari 2012.. finished my last paper, TAXATION
waaahh heaven gilaa bila dah abeh exam.. this world just like mine
free from books, free from everything..
2 mggu struggle habis habisann utk final n.. Alhamdulillah :)

sedar x sedar da abeh sem 5... and my 6th sem ahead...
and you can call me that kind of word 'senior'.. hehe cewah acah je =D
everything is going too fast.. terasa seperti semalam je start sem 5.. after a long2 break holiday
haish gonna missh you chapter 5.. and suddenly I realize got another 3 semester to go through
chaiyok2! gambatte! hehe

now I'm waiting for my result.. pheww actually don't know when the result come out
just keep in touch with my FB friends... klu result da na klua mesti dyorg sebok post2 sume,.kan? haha
hope my result this sem will not disappoint.. amin!

ade banyak program nak wat cuti n.. da mmg plan dr study week.. haha
and I got lots of entry to post.. and it have been suspended since I'm too busy with my study
ok gonna make it step by step :)

Program Anak Angkat, Kg Parit Sidang Seman Sg Rambai Melaka

this is my last event with MEBA.. weehoo! at last, I'm totally free with tones of job..
no study week ahead.. got around 10 day left to my first exam..
and I decided to go back home.. what a waste isn't? nope, don't think so..
didn't go back for about a month and a half.. so homesick, then aku balik la
so that I can get a motivation, and the most important is, parent's blessing :)

ok back to the point, I've been there at Kg Sidang Seman for 3 days 2 night..
been there had left lots of new experience and sweet memories.. :)
fun?? of course.. have a new family.. even thought it just an adopted family..
my adopt father's name is Md Iwap.. my adopt mother? err we just call her opah :D
they are the 3rd generation in this village..yes they are senior villagers, nice and kind senior..
they have 4 children, but don't be surprised that they got 20 grandchild and 16 grandchild.. hehe
bak kate Osbon, klu x sepuluh anakknyer x confirm jawenyer.. hehe

This is my adopt family.. :)

Actually the best moment for me is when fishing in the paddy field..
honestly I don't like fishing at all.. and I had decided not to join fishing
plus, the weather is unpredictable .. skjp hujan, skjp elok kan. hahaha
tgk2 mcm best je bdk2 n dapat ikan.. terdetik kt hati nak memancing :D
FYI, they call this fish as ikan betok..but I called this fish as ikan puyu..
jeng3! aku berjaye jadi raja pancing skjp.. dapat la 8 ekor.. haha
seriusly aku geli na pegang ikan hidup.. aku pon xtaw kenape aku geli.. kehehe
tp aku berjaye pegag ikan n gak! terimass kt pakcik yg aja aku care pegang ikan dgn btul.. hehe

nih la ikan puyu! n ikan k 8 aku dpt.. haha malas jek nak sampaikan 10, nanti pupus ikan kang.. haha

actually most of the villagers are relative each others.. most of them stay in that village
so no wonder they are tolerate, cooperate and can live together in harmony
so thanks to all KPSS's citizen for your hospitality ..jika di izinkannya, Insyallah akan dtg lg :D


p/s seronok 1st time naik lori pasang khemah! haahah



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