MEBA sports carnival 2012

its a big day for MEBA tomorrow and its a sport's day! welcome to parade dude :D
and it have been a year from first MEBA sports carnival, alaa yg aku eksiden ari tu..
and the memories still remain new, looking towards scars at my leg's skin make me soo.........
it's ok, forget the past, but don't forget what past taught you :)

I just don't get it how come I'm still  with MEBA's work
the organizer should be the part 4, like when I was part 4 last year
I'm already retired extremely dangerous (RED).. its okayy
think positive, maybe they still need my skills and ability to enjoice the event!
Alhamdulillah, still have the lecturer's and my friend's trust
like usual, I'm the head of multimedia and broadcasting.. easy work aactually :)

However, I can't attend the first round of this carnival... I'm going home :')
yeah, 1 month passed and I'm really miss my home already
miss my family and also miss my cat.. hihi
furthermore, I need to bring some document for my internship later on
oh dear my AFTAAS, AZUDDIN & CO, and WAN NADZIR ..
plz respon my resume as soon as possible,,,
i'm getting soo jealous with my friend who are alrady have their internship place
plzz :(

this is all my new design.. check it out

this is the new official MEBA SPORT CARNIVAL logo.. 
i think the last year is the better one..because i created this logo rather than copy paste from internet LOWL!
never thought that they want to make an official logo
kalau taw xpyh cri logo bru.. tp apekan daya, some part of the event had used this logo
so terpaksa proceed dgn logo n.. okayy~ :D

design yg ade stripe n adalah rekaan asal.. tp psl supplier kate x sempat na siapkan dlm smggu, so kene la proceed dgn design yg x perlukan kepakaran sgt.. cop + tampal + siap.. haha

Proton : Power Of 1 Exhibition

This is very late update, haha sorry no time to update the blog
my study is getting tougher day by day.. so in other words, I'MSTARTTOBUSYLIKEIUSEDTO #LOL :)
I went to Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil to attend the proton exhibition
FYI, this is my first time to be here at this stadium, really lame isn't? :D
really excited to watch P321A, the Proton upcoming new model, but disappointed, no P321A spotted :(
by the way it was an enjoy trip, watching the Proton technology and development
really enjoy watching Satria Neo R3 beating with Lotus Elise, the sound was really, like a boom!

singgah jer, x naik pon hot air balloon.. sob3 sadis2

Selamat Pengantin Baru Ecah + Anip ;)

meet my classmate, nuraisah binti sungip, and her beloved prince, anif
they just married last year.. at the age of 22 already
good sebenarnya kahwin awal n.. tapi apekan daya, ikot rezeki masing ;)
org johor kawin n yg aku taw ade tol2.. b4 masuk si lelaki kene bayaw tol
hambik ko, kalau ade 4 pntu masuk, 4 tol la ko kene bayar.. haha
so jangan  kawin dgn org johor.. hek3 :D
and i just know that org johor sanding lepas zohor
sgt noob isn't? baru taw yerr #LoL

kepada aisah dan pasangannya, i wish you
may Allah bless ur relationship ;)

Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma
Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair.
Barakallah hu lakuma wa baraka alikuma
Wa jamaah baina kuma fii khair..
"doa yg dibacakan oleh Rasulullah kepada pasangan yang baru berkahwin"

bdk class! tp ramai yg da balik b4 pengantin bersanding

formality ;)

soo sweeeet, juara karaoke kg matang guntong dpt bungaa :D

13 cars convoyy..can u imagine? :D

candid ckt! hehe

Senawang, Negeri Sembilan

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!
last week I went to Senawang, Negeri Sembilan to attend a wedding ceremony
abang kepada kawan aku kawin, dtg je la ye dak... bosan2.. hehe
it was an unproductive weekend last week, and usually it happen when first week of study
well no assignment and no task to do.. i been through this whole week like a bowse yaww :)
and I'm hoping this heaven is continue until 14th week of study.. hehe

I made some video, and this is my first try making a videography
honestly I want to learn how to make some wedding photography
and I love it.. lps tgk org2 kawin pnyer video tertarik plak na wat .. asik photography je wat ye x?
let's try something else, something new.. and this is the time to move on!
ini edit bese2 je.. so hopefully jgn la ade komen2 yg negatif.. haha

3 kereta pergi semalam, so ramai jugak la yg dtg ye.. hehe
ok enjoyz :D

Menghitung Hari - Cover hampeh

attention, this post gonna be sooo jiwangs.. so hopefully anyone who read this, prepare your best place for you to vomit or what so ever.. hehe

before that, I would like to express my gratitude to my housemate, hapetz coz teached me how to play
hehe thank you sifoo :D

this entry were made special for someone who are at UiTM Seri Iskandar and will having her final examination later.. and after this, she will grad from diploma and I hope she can pursue in degree.. :)
hei org sana.. sile dengar lagu ini.. special for you, and it's a matter of you the most :)

Paya Laut, Kuala Linggi Melaka

this picture were taken at hutan rekreasi paya laut kuala linggi Melaka,
stated between border of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan
if you follow alternative road from port dickson to Melaka, 
you will cross this place.. i thought this place is gonna be cool when the twilight comes :)
enjoy the picture :)

first try of wide angle.. how is it?

Hello Part 6

its been a while since I don't update any post in this blog..
fuuh~ its totally full with dust and rust.. :D
having a short holidayy from 22 January to 4th March isn't enough for me..
very2 SHORT than previous holiday, 4 bulan woah! haha :D
plus February got only 29 days.. kurang ckt harinye dr bulan lain..
but what to do, have to face another 3 sem..
 I just hoping my study is going so fine for another 3 sem :)

5/3/2012, I became an uitm student again.. gain my big responsible as a student
and have to retired from be a housewife..err temporary housewife.. hehe 
I'm really sad to leave my family, my born place.. **sighing
terlalu berat hati utk tinggalkan family, mcm xnak balikk jek kan? 
one of my friends said ' kenapa xnak balik melake? melake bez kot?"
it is not about seronok or not, it is a matter about leaving very far away from your family
will miss my family, my cat and my comfort bed at home :')

While driving and traveling to Melaka, I stopped at several place to take photo
not fortunate that I'm alone and I can't take myself a photo.. plus didn't bring my stand
haha just snap some pictures
will upload later :)

pic gamba passport bdk da g sekolah.. ye honey? hehe



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