I'm Coming Home at Teluk Intan


Selamat bercuti semuaa!!! especially fr UiTM Student
inilah waktu yg aku plg gumbiraa skalii.. cutii cutii cutii dan cutii!

everybody loves holiday rite? hehe
but unfortunately I don't know what to do with my holiday
i guess my holiday gonna be soo unproductive, instead of watching and download all the new movies
plus my budget this sem is totally out, this is all because you external hardisk
haish but what to do, terpaksa na cover yg ari tu pnyer.. haha
and Im thinking of go nowhere,, no budget for this holiday
poor me T___T

so im coming home, im coming home............. misss my home so much much :D
enjoy this hot songs... better than previous version.. hehe

Lets Save Our World, Lets Recycle UiTM KBM

Salam, this entry is made for UiTM City Campus only
most welcome to anyone who are willing to recycle and save our environment
dont wait until our world is in critical.. lets start now!! come on!



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