Sekadar Renungan

"rumor is made by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots..."

benda yg baik seharusnya kita sebarkan.. kita kongsi, xkira lah kita n jahat atau baik
berbeza pula yg ini, selalu betul aku dpt broadcasting bla bla blaa then last word
'share benda ini kalau anda sayang islam' atau 'ade musibah jika tak sebarkan'
hoho mase dulu2 aku bru dpt henpon, bleh la caye.. almaklum buta akal lagi
caye bulat2.. haha rugi je duit kredit aku zaman dlu2

so ade benda yg aku dpt dr BBM contact aku.. da slalu gak bende2 nih org broadast
so skunk n klu ade pape kemusykilan, direct tanya org yg lebih pakar dr kita
internet kan di hujung jari skunk.. haa
bukannya terus copy and broadcast kpd org lain
kesannyee,bende n mampu membuat kita salah anggap, menimbulkan salah faham.. haa

so hope lps n klu nak broadcast, pikir dlu 2x..
jgn men sebarkan je tanpa taw benda tu btul atau tidak
ok renung2kan, selamat beramal :)

bende n xtaw btul k x.. kuasa Allah kan... klu jadi pn wallahuaklam.. Dia lebih mengetahui

Drama - Cerita Dia Chord

Cerita yang tak sempurna
Apakah alasannya
Siapakah di hatinya...

Mungkin tidak seindah
Lafaz kata pujangga
Namun ku bersumpah...

Rela ku tunggu
Masihkah aku ada
           Am         Fm     Gm
Di hatimu...saat ini

Fm                     Gm
Biar tubuhku kan terpaku
Biar jasadku
Tak bernyawa lagi...
Sampai nanti...

p/s klu ade salah sile betulkan

End of MASMED program

I remember the time when my housemate, Zul introduce this program to me
woah!!, I felt soo excited and I really want to join it.. this is worth to join..
and I asked him to book one place for me to... :)

my lecture, Miss Rozaiha and my boss, En Rasip :)

MASMED or Malaysian Academy of SME & Entrepreneurship Development is an Institute for Entrepreneurship in UiTM.. so the objective of this program is to help, organize and reconstruct 
the small enterprise business especially for our Malays Business..
For me, this is a really good program to join,, and this program just like my pra-practical
since I will have my practical training this August, I think this will make me ready to 'fight' afterwards :)

there are 6 group and 6 company joined this program..
For the first, there are only 5 company who willing to join this program and 1 company is added at last minute..and the that one is my company! hehe
my group is so special... why? because we got fuel allowance since we are the most far away from
our living .. it took 40 minutes to go there from my house.phew~

My company, Wira Maju Enterprise is a prime dealer of Petronas in Melaka
located at the middle of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan, which is Batang Melaka
and it have been fully managed by our man, malay ;) 
this company has been operate their business for almost 12 year..such a long time
until now, there is only one person handle this business.. 
boss, Akem and me :D

For 6 week, err actually 5 week, hehe me and my partner, Hakim help Mr Rasip, the owner of
Wira Maju Marketing Enterprise manage his account and book keeping..
We tough him a little bit about how to manage his book keeping, and he also
tough us a little bit about business environment... business is fun actually
now I'm interested to make my own business.. someday,, maybe, insyaallah :)
Mr Rasip is my temporary boss :D .. Even though he got scary face, but actually he's so  kind
5 week with him, we've been treated by him such as our fuel consumptions, breakfast and lunch
plus, at the end of this program, he just gave me free semi synthetic lubricant for my bumblebee
owh not forget, he also gave us a pair of tshirt.. he's too kind and unfortunately, we don't give 
anything to him as a souvenir ... what a shame :'(

with this program, I'm hoping En Rasip can manage his business better than before
we also hope that with this little knowledge, En Rasip can compete with other company
I hope his business is getting well and better.. aminn  :)

last day of my program :'((

UiTM As A World Class University


Its been a long time I don't update my blog.. oh I miss to put some crap entry over here
same reason, same situation, I'm busy with queuing test and quiz..
plus my 6th semester gonna end up really soon, around 2 weeks left
so 3 weeks after extra holiday is really and HECTIC WEEK!!

so I started my weekdays with montage competition,
and I just know that it's under Office Management event called BOSS FIESTA
actually I used to called them OM instead of BOSS, because they are not the boss
they will start their work being a secretary :D

so proudly to say that we won first prize for this montage competition
6 group were invited from each program in UiTM Melaka City Campus
unfortunately only 4 group available and another 2? err maybe can't finish up the montage
this is due the extra holiday, make us really hard to make it

credit to those people who are directly and indirectly involve in the making of this video
to my team, muiz, azam, and intan, you are awesome! great commitment there
keep it up, just let the MEBA rulez the UITM KBM :D

enjoy the video, lets introduce you, UiTM AS A WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY :) 



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