Picture Troll Of A Day

hope paktam x marah aku la aku troll muke dye.. hik4

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, done my first fasting day..and done my 2nd terawih.. :)
thanks Allah for giving me another precious opportunity to meet this holy month.
the best thing about ramadhan is FOOD! got lots of good food available in Bazaar..hehe

it is good to have my sahur and breakfasting with my lovely family
and Im hoping this gonna happen continuously .. nyah! in ur dream!
I'm going to start my life as a practical trainee in Ipoh for another few weeks
so sad.. need to far away from family again..
it's okay.. this is LIFE :)

Salam Ramadhan kepada semua muslimin dan muslimat
semoga ramadhan kali ini membawa 1001 makna dan erti kepada kita semua
insyallah :)

C200 with TE37 SL

Gonna miss this people! :)

ape bob wat? hahaha

haha lame x troll gamba mcm n! hahaha

End of chapter 6

my last exam paper is MAF630.. held on Friday morning...
and when the time showed 11.30am, hall prefect said "ok mase dah tamat, sile berhenti menulis'
I just wanna shout and scream all out, yeah! 'FREE FROM BOOKS FOR 7 MONTHS!"
it was a great and superb satisfied feeling, there are no BEST feeling when u finish ur exam
been struggling, fighting, striving, and stressed for 3 weeks, and now 
officially ended up my 6 semester :)

it is normal to have a lil fight during the exam week, 
trying to be the champion of words, and try depend our point of view
everyone is stressful , and I get it
if anyone been hurt or touched for my bad act, honestly I'm sorry
out of my mind, and cant control it wisely :)

having a last class meeting at Seoul Garden is really enjoyful
as usual,  not all mates can present for this meeting
hurm getting used with this... btw the party is cool and this is my first with Seoul Garden
love the coffee chicken, never taste it before and its soo delicious! hehe

to all my classmate, gonna miss you all 
happy practical and see you next year, if Allah's will :)

licin habaqqq maiiii



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