Kellie's Castle, Batu Gajah Perak

My first time going here is when I was form 1, and it was a school trip
at that time, the entrance is free, and it is lack of facilities..
nak kencing pn kene pikir 2 3 kali.. what the heck!
and yesterday, it was my second time being here
and its totally different, and it has beautiful landscape renovated around the castle
woaa stunned for a while, its wonderful and amazing :D
entrance dah kene bayo RM4 per adult.. cis =.=

photoshoot with my brother.. caption these picture :)

aku kene sound psl nak amek gamba n.. sighing!

I'm A Wan Nadzir Trainee :)

Assalamualaikum everyone.. nice to see yah! haha
been a while Im not updating my super crappy blog.. dont know why,
just like a heavy gravity push my fingers towards earth when Im trying to update this blog..
 the gravity called "MALAS" .. haha 

So I've been through practical training at Wan Nadzir & Co Ipoh branch
already 1 month and a half, got another about 5 month to go to finish up this training
Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, I got the correct firm to learn..
to feel the working environment and to gain the knowledge..
so those who are searching for superb practical placement, I prefer Wan Nadzir & Co :)

all the staff here is nice, and really hospitality
and the most important thing is they love to teach us, correct us and guide us
I feel so lucky because my boss isn't too furious
he's kind, can tolerate and always teach us about the audit
oh yeah forgot to tell I've been put at audit department
and Im starting to fall in love with audit.. OMG! haha
audit is fun.. better than tax and account i guess.. hihihi :D

so this week, our company had a little ceremony for raya
i thought it is free, but need to pay 10 dollars.. ciss T___T
by the way its fun to be there, with other trainees 
and most of the trainee here come from UiTM Seri Iskandar
they got collaboration with this firm.. so they can rotate,,,
wow~ lucky them!

will have my practical training 6 month here..hopefully I can improve my knowledge
improve my skills, and improve my experience as well.. Insyallah :)

big boss, En. Sharip & En. Azman

Blurpppp :P

Malaysian Cars Super Lowered

heh.. this is not a real one, it just edited by me when I'm so bored at my office.. hehe
we look these car as a sexy car.. 
more lowered, more sexy.. damn love this style
so i made this one surely as my hobby.. just for fun :)

my lovely bumble bee... Perodua Kelisa :D

my office mate car.. hehe saga LMST :D

my friends car, Proton Satria super duper lowered :D

Proton Wira Aeroback Super Lowered :D



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