My Strawberry Day

last week such a hectic week.. busy with my job as an auditor assistant
and apparently start to bored in being a practical training
i cannot brain this how I'm going to continue my life later on
kerja kerja kerja kerja,,, praktikal 6 month pn da bosan,
inikan pula kerja for the whole life..for my pocket money =.=

in b4, my training environment is so cool.. yet, i got lots of friends here
so so soo chaos with our laugh and bla bla blaa... hahaha
last week, is our second trip.. we went to Cameron Highlands.. 
yeah I admit that I travel a lot during my practical 
different with kawan2 traineeyg len,
hanya wat mini reunion kat melaka, kakaka :P

12 peoples, 3 cars.. anuff with aizuddin, wan nadzir & LLTC trainee
we are young everyday! haha 


Motif Band - Tuhan Jagakan Dia Chord & Cover

Motif -- Tuhan Jagakan Dia Lyrics & Chord

Intro: A G# F#m Bm Bb E A G# F#m Bm Bb E

A G# A
Hanya dirimu yang kucinta
Bb Bm Bb Bm
Takkan membuat aku jatuh cinta lagi
Aku merasa kau yang terbaik untuk diriku

A G# A
Walau kutahu kau tak sempurna
Bb Bm Bb Bm
Takkan membuat aku jauh darimu
Apa adanya ku kan tetap setia kepadamu

D E C#m
Tuhan jagakan dia,
F#m Bm E A
dia kekasihku kan tetap milikku
D E C#m
Aku Sungguh mencintai
F#m Bm E A
sungguh menyayangi setulus hatiku

credit to Cumi Channel for the chords
and not forget AffanAizatMUSIC for the female cover video

if u got youtube subscribe them, go Malaysia go :)

Gua Tempurung Adventurous

Gua Tempurung is one of attraction to visit Perak state..
btw this year is "Tahun Melawat Perak 2012"...
to those who love adventure, challenging and outdoor activities,
why not you come here and try to experience the Gua Tempurung itself? :)

It's been so many years I used the old road from tlk intan to Ipoh
 (jalan lame x kene tol, saving ckt :P)
back then, I just passed the Gua Tempurung, no visit decision
had a plan to go Gua Tempurung with my friends,
but unfortunately it seems like need a miracle to go there #LoL
so last October, me and my office mates went there
this is our first trip, yeah!

there are 4 tour available for u to choose
if you just want to walk in to Gua Tempurung, please 
choose tour 1 and 2... no wet :D
but if u want to explore the whole cave,
crawling in the dark, get wet
choose grand tour 4, it will only cost u RM22...
I guarantee you, you will never regret my offer :D
for more info bout this tour,
please visit

i love outdoor activities,plus it give me a strength to love environment
to be one with natural.. *pergh ayatt :P
btw i never tough i can face all the obstacles in Gua Tempurung
and endured most of the part of Gua Tempurung :O
it is great experience, great time with friends :)
try la, blum cube blum taw.. haha
ok chow chin chaw :P

get a breakfast before our adventure start

nasi goreng, popia and some kuih2.. aku? melantak jek.. haha

30 minutes before we start to endure the Gua Tempurung

ade gak souvenier utk dibuat kenang-kenangan.. sblah kedai n kedai mkn, so sape2 yg xbwk breakfast leh la dtg mkn sini

what a hectic day! totally wet.. haha best!

Tiada Tajuk

2 months didn't update my blog,, phew! its been a while
haha so now I don't care about my blog anymore,
sincerely i lied, i do care! haha :D

its November Rain, and October Tragedy is over..
its mean 3 months to go to practical at Wan Nadzir
woaa pejam celik pejam celik da 3 bulan dah aku praktikal ye? haha
so time flies soo soo fast... I didn't realize that.. indeed :P

I don't have anything to update on this blog.. either facebook
but I do update in twitter.. if u have twitter account, plz follow me :P
honestly I miss to blogging, to story about how amazing my life
haha maybe if I got something interesting to story, I will update
okayy see yah! :P

fitment, stance and lowdown, that important :P



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