Photoshoot with Car

Just had a very quality evening with my big brother, 
as we got same interest, so here it is
a mini shoot with our besi buruk at Sungai Tungku, Teluk Intan
my brother's Proton Wira already converted to Asti bodypart
damn Im so jelly with him.. will convert mine to Coure TR very soon!
the problem is just moneyy.... i need moneyy so seriously
hahahaha :D

Lost World of Tambun

This is my first time been here, at Lost World of Tambun
after stayed at Perak for 23 years old and 1 day
I got the opportunity to get in here, with my geng kampung
Actually we've been plan to go somewhere else
like we all know, long term plan usually will going so bad =,=
i mean sooooo bad *puiii
apologize for my potty mouth :D

as a backup plan, we planned either Lata Kijang or Tambun
yeah! absolutely we choose Tambun FTW!
as me either my friends never stepped our foot here
ticket price during holiday quite hellyeah expensive
but it's okay, got someone support our meal
super gratitude to Amir, hehehe :D
 btw, if you plan for having fun at any water theme park
plz get your partner or else you will be forever alone =,=
because all the games mostly need 2 person to play
this is called 'pesanan khidmat masyarakat'
*bru lps jd forever alone kt tambun ari tu

Comparing Lost World of Tambun with Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
hurm.. for water park, i choose Bukit Merah
but Bukit Merah don't have much places to visited
so for enjoying your holiday without getting wet
Lost World of Tambun WIN! :)

p/s great holiday with colleagues :)

im laughing whenever i see this picture, hahaha :D

muka2 excited sumer.. hahaha



I always love February, 
When February comes, I feel so excited
stay calm and wait until the day comes
10th of February, officially at 23 years old
Dear Allah, thank you for giving me great 23 years of life
I've had endured the great and amazing memories
Alhamdulillah :)

those who wish for my birthday
 family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and my social friends
thank you very much as you remember my birthday :)

i would love to give some gratitude to my jantung hati
she's the first person who celebrate and wish for my birthday :)
thanks for the treat my dear... <3 :P
me lovey lovey u :D

ade nampak bentuk hati x? hehehe



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