Broga Hills & Sungai Tekala Forest Park

Mission accomplished!!
 I said whisperly after reached at the peak of Broga Hills
it was amazing hiking for entire of my life
I've been planned to go Broga with my buddies
unfortunately, it delayed, delayed and delayed =,=
how lucky I'm my colleagues joined my plan
sekali ajak jek sume ok.. hahaha :D
thank my colleagues!!

start our journey around 4am.. I'm looking for sunrise
just figure out the magnificent of sun rise from my friends
badluck of me, don't have the opportunity to see because
 it's cloudy on that day =,=
however, it was cool... cool hiking after all
looking forward to Gunung Datuk for my next hiking :D
phew kanan phew kiri *hrp2 jadi

Dash Yonkuro - Dash 1 Emperor

I know sometimes I do look so childish  but who cares..
 I just love memoriesespecially from my childhood memories :)
just got my fund from papa JPA
lots of my friends bought new handphone, shoes, shirt and bla bla bla..
but me? hehe i bought my toys when I was child ..weee :D

when I was child, one of my favorite cartoon is Dash Yonkuro
well, I'm the one who will conquer the TV on that time
just to see this cartoon :D
owh lawdd, how I miss my childhood very much..
thank God that youtube have Dash Yonkuro series
to the uploader,, I really appreciate your effort to keep this video

got lots of memories from this toys
playing at school in the drain..
playing at evening in the circuit
haha i bet if you don't have Dash Yonkuro 
you childhood is not soo awesome :D


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DIY - Perangkap nyamuk kos rendah


Apa yang kita perlukan ialah? Sediakan Bahan-bahan berikut:

* 200 ml air
* 50 gram gula perang,
* 1 gram yis ( yis ibu roti, boleh dibeli di pasar raya ) dan
* 1 botol plastik 2-liter.


1. Potong botol plastik (jenis PET) pada separuh. Simpan bahagian leher

2. Campurkan gula perang dengan air panas.
Biarkan sejuk. Apabila sejuk, tuangkan di separuh bahagian bawah botol.

3. Tambah yis. Tidak perlu untuk bergaul. Ia akan menghasilkan karbon dioksida.

4. Letakkan bahagian corong, terbalik, ke dalam separuh botol tadi.

5. Bungkus botol dengan sesuatu yang hitam, dan letakkan di beberapa sudut rumah anda.

Dalam masa dua minggu, anda akan melihat jumlah nyamuk dan nyamuk yang mati di dalam botol.

Di samping membersihkan rumah , tapak pembiakan nyamuk dan nyamuk, kita boleh menggunakan kaedah ini dalam: Sekolah, taska, Hospital,kedai, ladang, dan lain-lain .

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I went back to Melaka on 3rd March
when I reached my home, the first thing I saw is a cat
and I wonder, whether the beautiful cat is Shimiey
oh Lord, she's grown up already
I just can't believe it took a minute for me to realize it was her.. haha :D

btw, her acting is not change at all.. damn you shimiey
dok kokakk aje tangan aku nih.. ciss =,=
and one day, this happen.. yess! revenge time :D

Nasi Arab Hadramaot Paradise Ipoh

Craving for Nasi Arab at Ipoh?
I suggest you have a step to Hadramaot Paradise, 
authentic Yemeni and Arabian cuisine :)
confronting the Kinta Riverfront Hotel, easy trademark to find out

the waiter is truly from Arab.. they are not speaks Malay
well, we need to communicate with them in english
*terasa di luar negara sekejap :P
haha the funny things is, we took a long time to order
because we just 'rambang mata' reading their menu
plus, the menu is in arab language.. pawned! haha

Well, I forgot what kind of rice i ate on that day
but i just wanna say the taste is GOOD!
nasi arab with arabian coffee.. superb combo
btw, the coffee smells stink, but the taste it delicious for me
if you not a coffeholic, please don't order

those who interested to come here, 
warning! please come here with ur super duper empty stomach
or it will be waste at all :)


Goodbye Wan Nadzir & Co. Ipoh

I ended up my practical trainingon 4th February
but I decided to extend my services, not as a trainee, but as a contract staff for 1 month, 
yeah, better than sitting at home and wait till my last sem on 4th March
at least there is cash flow and I can use the money while waiting JPA's
so the official date for my last practical is 28th February.. yippi!

I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to Wan Nadzir & Co Ipoh
as they accept me as their trainee, and give me a chance to complete my 6 months practical training
My appreciation goes to the partner of the Wan Nadzir & Co, En. Shariff, my audit manager,
En. Khairul Anuar and my temporary boss during contract, En. Azmaan :)
thanks for all the guidance from the start until the end.. 
and not forgotten all Wan Nadzir's staff, 
especially my team mate, Ijat, Kak Aishah, Kak Ama, and Kak Ita
Training at Wan Nadzir & Co Ipoh had give me a precious memories
and invaluable experience in accounting, auditing and taxation field
Insyallah, all the knowledge I grab will make me an effective employee in the future

Last but not least, to all my colleagues, Syahir, Daus, Jijal, Ten, Nadia, Ainul, Amal, 
Ina, Mimi, Aqish, Sue, Yatul, Ika, Ani
you all rawks! hehe

En khairul, my audit manager, vanggey satu!! hehe

En. Shariff, our principal :D

layankan je la, janji perot kenyang.. hahaha

last day as a contract staff... :)

En. Azman yg mulanya mcm garang, tp baik ropenyer.. haha

SUK workers.. hihihi

hehehe gonna miss all of you :D

Car Crash

supposedly it should be my Monday Blues,
unfortunately it turned out to be my worst day ever :(
i used to go back to Ipoh at early Monday morning
after 10 minutes drove away from home,
suddenly a black dog crossed the road and I took an emergency break
because of that reason, my car had been hit at rear
hurm..this is my 3rd time experience the misadventure
 owh dear... this crash involved 3 cars..mine, an innova and an oldschool car
pity them for just a dog crossing
and pity to my bumblebee too, crashed at back
so hurt to see it.. hurmm

my car currently suspended its service for 1 month or longer
tatkala ingin pulang ke Melaka, pelbagai dugaan berlaku #sigh
and I'm trying to endure all the obstacles
yeah! i can do it.. fuhh kanan fuuh kiri

kpd pihak2 yg menolong sy sewaktu kejadian berlaku
ku mohon minta maaf atas segala yg terjadi
maaf kerana menyusahkan anda semua
dan terima kasih byk2 kerana menolong
especially to my family, mak abah baad and abglon
may Allah bless all of you.. amin



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