BACC8A's Family Day

2nd June 2013, a historical day for us, BACC8A class
yes, we are organizing our own family day
and attendance is COMPULSORY to all mates :)
Alhamdulillah, everything is going so well
and attendance is full house yaww :P

this Family Day is one of our plan
since we don't have a 'trip' like other class did
NO, actually we can do a trip like them, gathering around 15-20 mates...
but for what if not all members incapable to join
so our objective here is to 'GATHER EVERYONE' instead of 'GATHER A FEW'
then, we decided to make our own day :)

ported at Pantai Puteri, Melaka
it is awesome day.. since everyone is participating in all activities
having a game at day and BBQ at night
the game is based on Running man games.. thumbs up to the Game Committee!
the game was funny, astonish and mamma mia! hehe
honestly I'm not Running man fans alike
but I do enjoy the game much :)

hope that day will create our memories to classmates
since gonna split up after part 8 ended
proud to be one of your classmate :)

MFRS Seminar by UiTM Melaka 2013

It's Gawai holiday and I'm willing to return to Melaka earlier
well, my precious holiday were superseded by MFRS Seminar
this seminar is for lecturer from UiTM and only 50 students were chosen
glad that I'm part of this seminar ..lucky me :)

the objective of this seminar is to expose the lecturers and student
on how new MFRS is being conducted in Malaysia
and how MFRS is differ with IFRS
during the seminar, I was shocked that even the big company
facing problem in their financial reporting disclosure
lesson, an accountant and auditor nowadays haywire also.. haha 

Conclusion is, this seminar really put me at ready mode in working field
i can see clearly the important of accountant on disclosing the company's annual report
and to do it, it is full with controversial and crucial 
so to bear the 'competence and due care' fundamental
an accountant needs to update themself regarding changes of reporting standard

thanks to UiTM for giving me such golden opportunity to attend this seminar
hope this seminar will continuous going at future :)

p/s the best part in this seminar is FOOODD!!! foodgasm! hahaha

the dome of Avillion Legacy Hotel, Melaka :D


bile bosan dengar ceramah, n la koje kami :D

accountant in the process.. aminnn



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