Oil Seal Kelisa

Lasy year I changed my engine mounting
it is so disappointing to know that i bought the 'copy' one
so that is why my engine still have great vibration
to those who are searching for engine mounting,
please be careful with cheaper daihatsu mounting at mudah.my
they forged it to look like an original one
the original one will cost you around RM400-500
not below than RM300, it is soo dysfunction at all
to the 'generous' seller. aku sumpah kau jd katak pisang puii puiii

my bumblebee getting sick day by day since we travel around Malaysia 
and this year I changed my oil seal and oil pump
to change the oil seal for kelisa, we need to pull out the engine
it is so ridiculous, to change a small thing, it cost us a lot in terms of money and time
however, this is for Kelisa, Kancil, and Kenari chassis only
Daihatsu had engineered new engine after Viva
and from Viva model, there are no need to pull out the engine to change the oil seal

cost me a lots of cashflow during this holy Ramadhan *crying
and officially pokai this month.. huwaaaaa
no new shopping this year.. erkkk T_T
thank God my mom do support me a bit
and glad that I have my own saving

Part 8 Lecturer

Currently enjoy my life as 'penganggur professional'..
it is soo jelly when someone tweet "dapat kerja' 'my first interview' or whatsoever
it just like killer words to read.. hahaha
and I said to my self, 'sabarlah, itu rezeki mereka' :)
Insyallah, rezeki ada di mana2, yg penting berusaha.. hihi peace!

expressing my disappointment is not the point for this entry
I currently want to upload my class with lecturer for each subject
well, just realized that I've been away from student life for 2 weeks
ahh, time flew so fast.. and I'm going to miss soonnn

Pn Khanafiah, MAF680

Mdm Eley, MAF640

Mdm Aishah, AUD610

Sir Shazali, FIN610

Miss Rozaiha, MAF635

*one is missing, Dr Hanim, lecture me FAR600, I wonder where is the picture? :???

End Of Chapter 8

14 July 2013
I'm unofficially graduated in Bachelor of Accountancy
and it is official to say that, I'm a loiterer =,=

Well, it seems hard to say whether I'm happy or not
half of my heart says happy because I'm already finish up my degree level
and half of me sad because my last paper, MAF635 is truly killing me =,=
hopefully I can pass all the exam with flying colours
no repeat please, enough with all the theories
my brain is too rusty to memorize all kind of theory

Actually I love to be a students
when I having my practical, I just realized that working life is soo boring
and this is true, student life is much better, i told yah noe!
 ironically my student life was ended just now
and I'm going to miss this life now and at future
oh lawd, working life will kill me slowly x_x

the hardest part is leaving you my friends
and we've been friend for 4 years,  since 2009 until now
from now, we are separating bringing our own missions and goals
dear friends, as our lives change to whatever, just remember that
we are still be friend forever :')

Almost 4 years in Melaka, 
too much memories created here , either bitter nor sweet
it will be part of my life :)
hard to say sayonara, bye2, selamat tinggal Melaka, 
but I have to, to reach another level of life

dear past, thank you for your lesson, and future, I'm ready :)

Our last iftar together, my beloved classmates :)

Guess where am I? :D
last paper! yeayy!!!
with tuan rumah yg baik hati.. thanks puan sapiah and family :)

preparation for iftar together :)

we prove that men can cook :D

last playing badminton together

hangout at Jalan Hang Tuah together

Sahur together2 :)



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