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Herdyana & Tam Reception #idzdyana

Gua Damai Extreme Park

In conjunction with massive massacre at Gaza, an event to collect fund for Palestinian was held at Gua Damai
Warmers and heartiest congratulation to the organizer to expose the public about tyrannical of Israel
After hiking at Gunung Nuang on Saturday, I went to this event to support
thereon, I experience the rock climbing at the next day.. 
yes, I am super exhausted, yet still have fun with my colleagues :)


Congregation of Gunung Nuang 2014

It's a call for me to hike Gunung Nuang on 15 November 2014
Much gratitude for the organizer and also the sponsor, Penawar (NGO) for sponsoring our breakfast and Tshirt (i dont get one, insufficient.. sob3).
54 participant had joined in this journey, and we I am greatly excited about the numbers
The group started to hike at 8am, and decided to divide into small group lead by their own head
on my behalf, there is 18 participated and half of my group successfully reached at the summit at 12pm.
We enjoyed the summit scene almost 2 hour and start descending at 1.30pm
Really enjoyed the trip, and luckily no raindrops on that day.. 
Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah as all participant go and back without any injuries. 

"keep moving, step by step, the view is fascinating at the top"

Hiking at Gunung Irau, Cameron

Irau Mountain will leave you a astonishing memories
 with such a beautiful mossy forest, you gonna me amaze time by time when you step forward into the summit
See with your own eyes, all pictures taken by me is not naturally surreal
Subhanallah, such a beautiful forest
I'm glad all of my group go and back safely, as the last person went out from forest at 9pm.
for safety, please at least send report to police your group members to nearest police station since there is cases whereby hikers get lost in this jungle
Guider is advisable guys!

Journey to Pine Tree Hills, Fraser Hills

Pine Tree Hills at Fraser Hills, conquered on last 21st September 2014. Hoyeah!
If you wanna feel the mossy and foggy forest, this is the best place to visit.
The trail is easy, with a few huge barrier of fallen log. But the trails is long 5.5km. 
By the way, it is recommendable for beginners like me :D
its totally cold. To all hikers, do bring your extra clothes to warm up your body.
There is two summit at Pine Tree Hills, which is Pine Tree Hills and Twin Peak.
It tooks almost 2 and half hour to reach at the Pine Tree Hills and extra 30 mins to Twin Peak.
To all new hikers, I urged all of you to visit here, it totally awesome and astonish with fogs.
Feel like staying at oversea. hahahaha :D

mossyyy and foggyyy

twin peakk



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