Bukit Kutu, Kuala Khubu Bahru Expedition

with height of 1035 meters & 3456 feets, officially we conquered this hill
took almost 3 hours to arrive at the peak
such an amazing adventure and spectacular view i got
in my opinion, i though the track was not too hiking mode whereby the route just 80% sloping
by the way i just know why Kuala Khubu Bahru were named for
as at the summit, there is abandoned fortress lefted by British a long time ago
wondering how people bring the materials and tools to build such a height fortress?

Amin & Nana Engagement Day

Amin is one of my comrade during secondary school 
and officially this jambu and playboy got engaged with his specials :D
i felt so blessed for you and looking forward for your nasi minyak 
congratzs mate! :D



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