Visiting Frasel Hill, Pahang

This is our first hangover, our first road trip together
going to Fraser Hill is one of my wishlist, since it is just nearby from my current home.
the road to Fraser just like a snake, and make me feel a bit dizzy when I reached.there
Honestly, its not happening at all and eventually we almost 'pishang' been there.
Btw, I aimed nearby hiking spot suit for us to hike in the next plan.
Let's rocking! haha

Bullseye! my skills never fade.. hahahaahaha

Jeriau Waterfall

In the making of JSOX.. hahaha

Expedition to Gunung Ledang, Tangkak Johor

It was tremendous hiking I ever had so far.
with lots of barriers and slippery trails, I barely enjoy the moment.
For all the obstacles that I passed, I felt so glad and grateful as I managed to arrive at the summit

It was 6 hours of hiking, from 9 am to 3pm.
unfortunate I am as my legs turned out cramp in half way to the peak.
I thankful to all my comrades since they are helping me during my hard time.
Appreciate that much, I accept your kind with warmest heart. :)

There was a rain pour during our climbing to the peak,
it makes our journer become harder as most of the trails become slippery.
For the sake of our security, we have to climb slowly.
It was fun, my first experience hiking with rain as companion. :D

With 16 degree of celsius and wet clothes caused by rainfalls,
we are damnn freeeezingggg at the top.
we start our journey back in 4.30
and managed to arrive at the starting point at 8pm.

Hereby I attached some of my precious moment.
Its nice to view, but it nicer when you experience it by your own.
Be bold with nature :)



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