Gunung Bunga Buah, Genting Highlands

Gunung Bunga Buah is located at Genting Highlands. Not far from my location and just took around 45 minutes to arrive, this time I decided to choose this mountain for my outdoor activity. It took me 3 hours and half to arrived at the summit. Along the route, there are lots of bunga (flowers) spotted, and thereon we can see buah (fruits) especially jungle fruits. Then, I know why it is so called as Gunung Bunga Buah. The route is actually nice, foggy and mist since it was already situated at the higher ground. We also can see Genting Highland from one of peak spot. But be careful, there are lots of leech. Put your leech repellent before you start your journey to the summit. hehe, I was bit 3 times for this expedition.

As usual, I attached a memory from my Gopro. :)


Bukit Tabur West

A day after my GIA family day, I went to hike at Bukit Tabur West entrance. So here it is, one of my wishlist summit to reach. I was so excited. The expedition was lead by one of my colleagues during my last Gunung Ledang expedition. Never thought that our friendship will keep until now, and i am glad to know them. So, we manage to assemble 8 of outdoor lovers for this expedition.

Bukit Tabur is one of favourite hills to hike for outdoor lover. Despite the splendorous view from Selangor Dam, you are able to see Kuala Lumpur for far. Is just like you are at the middle of two different world. During my visit, I am able to catch the sunrise. My very first to watch sunrise from hill. It is totally amazing and I was so impressed with God's creation.

Bukit Tabur with height of 446 feets, it is not as easy as you think. You are more likely to climb instead of hiking. Be careful with all steps you taken, there is a lot of danger spot. No wonder there are lots of hikers got unfortunate accident before this. So those who are interested to hike to Tabur, make sure you have your own permit from Jabatan Perhilitan. I don't know where is that place, but please register yourself. If any accident occurs, at least you have permit to cover your rescue.

Hereby, attached a moments of mine. Enjoy :) 

p/s in before... my skin burninggg


GIA Family's Day

Last week on Saturday (31st January 2015), we have planned to organize a family day for our small office Group. Yes,we were called 'Group' instead of Department as we have only 15 members. We decided to do our family day at Hot Spring Sg Klah ("TRAP"), just 45 minutes from Rawang and fit with our budgets. I remember the last time I visited TRAP on 2010, the only facilities available is Hot Spring and Foot Therapy. As I visited TRAP on that day, I was shocked and impressed with their development. Now, there is Convention Center and Chalet was built nearby the Hot Spring. Those at KL area, are able to feel the nature in 2 days 1 night, not day pack.

It was quite gloom at the first, due to 3 of our colleagues are unable to attend. But we managed to gather 15 people, with addition of family members who already married.  With six tele-match handled by TRAP personnel, it was fun and enjoyable. Whilst waiting for result announcement, we dipped ourself in the hot springs, do a foot therapy and boiled some eggs. Maybe it is simple activity, but when you do the activity with your colleagues and become 'gila-gila', its totally awesome. We ends our occasion with hi-tea at Pau Yik Mun Tanjung Malim. Thanks Mr. Nizam (Head of Department) for the little treats. :)

We might organize this event at the future. And my hope, we can gather all the members in our office. Below is our memorable picture taken by my GoPro. Enjoy :)



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