Photography Session

I've been involced in camera since I was in secondary school. Playing with the camera, editing in Adobe Photoshop, they are all used to be my toy in my teenager time.

I love photography. One of matter that makes me awake for the whole night, one matters that make me so eager and passion to learn, it is photography. After getting into career world, I have no time for this kind of hobby, and most of my skills are forgotten. What a waste.

Currently I am a part time CIMB unit trust consultant. And I was thinking to get my 2nd part time job. Yes, I am getting serious with my photography, which I am passion about. Wondering why not I'm creating a business for the said passion? I am getting serious and I will, not a hanky panky business. What I really meant is to get a proper gadget, a good team commitment, an affordable package, and have a better marketing as well.

So if let say I create a photography team for your wedding/engagement/any occasion, would you hire me? :)
 Kindly drop your comments. I can be open. Judge my picture and editing, please critics should you need.
Thank you :)



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